Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hi i wanted to make this post because i am so happy! i finally got my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and the Teen People Celebrity Beauty Guide - Stars secrets for gorgeous hair, makeup skin and more <3

I have wanted this book for a very long time and now i finally have it I'm so happy <3

First i wasn't really going to buy this book but it had so many positive reviews that i ended up buying it :)
I just got the books so i haven't really read them yet but i have checked few pages because i was so excited when i got them i was literally squealing lol

I was looking at a page in the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and it was Eyeliner Dos and Don'ts
and i read this interesting part i will write it down here
- Don't apply liner to the inside rim of the eyelids, except for a theatrical effect or a fashion shoot. You risk infection and injury, And, rather than making the eyes stand out, lining inside the rim actually makes the eyes appear smaller. 

i did know about the part where if you line on the inside rim of the eyelids your eyes look smaller but i didn't know about the infection and injury part ( i mean i did know that it was not good for the eyes to line on the inside rim ) 

oh and there is another one that i didn't know it was the
-Do make the top and bottom liner of liner meet at the inside and outside corners to make the eyes appear larger. Not connecting the lines makes the eyelids appear too round and small.

anyway I'm really happy about this purchase! do any of you have either of these books and did you like them ?

now i am looking for great fashion books does anyone know of really good ones ? 


  1. OKAY now I need both of these!
    thanks for the review =]
    I hope my suggestions have helped

  2. np :) ,, yes they did thank you!