Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge & NOTD

Hi i have another Nail of the day today i fell down the stairs ( lol) and my nails chipped and decided to change the nail polish ( Btw i'm okay it didn't hurt i laughed a a lot after i fell it was too funny XD)

It's Depend nail polish ( no name but the number is 161) ( this nail polish was in my May Favorites)

Day 03 — Your favorite Hair band

lol i have more than one favorite hair bands so i couldn't choose only one  

This hair band i bought in Iceland i'm really sorry i don't remember what store 

This one i bought in Cubus here in Norway 

This one i bought when i was in Denmark on a class trip <3 

This one i bought in Cubus here in Norway 

And this one i bought in Glitter ( here in Norway)

30 Day Challenge :)
Day 01- Your favorite eyeliner
Day 02 — Your favorite purse/bag that you own
Day 03 — Your favorite Hairband
Day 04 — Your favorite foundation
Day 05 — Your favorite thing to do
Day 06 — Favorite Perfume
Day 07 — Your Favorite animal
Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
Day 09 — Your favorite pair of shoes
Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
Day 11 — Bag you want to have
Day 12 — Your Favorite color
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
Day 14 — Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you'd like to have
Day 15 — Photo of your favorite bracelet
Day 16 — Music you like
Day 17 — Fashion Pieces that's on your to-buy list
Day 18 — Your favorite beauty guru
Day 19 — Your second favorite guru 
Day 20 — Your favorite mascara
Day 21 — Your favorite lip stick
Day 22 — What makes you happy
Day 23 — Place where you want to live
Day 24 — Your favorite food
Day 25 — Your favorite book 
Day 26 — An Item from your wish list
Day 27 — Your favorite skincare product
Day 28 — Your favorite drink
Day 29 — Favorite photo of yourself and a friend 
Day 30 — Your favorite nail polish

anyway do you have a favorite hair band ? which one is it ? and why is it your favorite ? 

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  1. I like the second hairband, it looks nice