Tuesday, 24 May 2011

MNY and Pierre René Lip Gloss Review + very small Haul

Hi i have had these two lip glosses for a while now and i really wanted to do a review on them. they are MNY(Maybelline New York) lip gloss ( it doesn't say the name of the color or the number but it is probably because it was a limited edition gloss), and the second one is Pierre René gloss Sweet Berry ( now i bought this lip gloss a year ago and the number thing is not there anymore so i can't say the name or number) i think that u can only buy these lip glosses in Europe I'm not sure

The Pierre René gloss and the MNY gloss
 Swatches ( sorry that it's not the best quality i need a better camera :/ )
No Flash
The MNY gloss,The Pierre René gloss , and i mixed them together ( i actually like this color)
-With Flash ( very blurry I'm sorry)

 - Tried to take a picture on my PC camera
but here the row is mixed, Pierre René and MNY gloss
Here i am wearing the MNY lip gloss it's actually the darkest lip gloss that i have ( i bought it because i wanted a dark/bright lip gloss and i really liked this one on me but i don't wear it all the time

i love both of the lip glosses but there are a few dislikes like with the Pierre René lip gloss if you put it on the side a little lip gloss comes out like in this picture
i don't know if it's just mine or if all the lipglosses from this brand are like this, if i do buy a lipgloss from this brand again i will then do an updated review or just tell you if the same thing happens. i really love the smell of this lip gloss and i really like it on my lips, i would maybe buy it again but i wouldn't put it in my makeup bag or purse.
The MNY one is little bit sticky but not too much, if it weren't a Limited Edition Gloss i would maybe buy it again

I have bought the Pierre René eye shadows and i really love them i would do a review on them some other time but from the MNY i have only tried this lip gloss I'm going to try to buy more products from this brand

-The very small haul

i bought a Pierre René eyeshadow and a Depend nailpolish

The eyeshadow is like this it's a matte brown, there is no name just a number and its no 59 ( i think this is from the new collection or something)

the top thing is a sponge applicator also which i think is really cool because i can bring this with me and i don't need a brush because it already has a sponge applicator

a swatch i really love it i have been wearing it all day, they have also these metallic colors and they are really beautiful i love the green and blue color but i would never buy it because i would never be able to wear it but i really want to take a picture of it and show you guys i will try to do that next time i go.

and this is the nail polish from depend ( Swedish brand) its like minty blue or something like that and it's no 246 ( its one of the new nail polishes)
anyway that is all see you next time xo

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