Monday, 23 May 2011


OK i am going to make Favorites Tags officially always on Mondays so i will do one now :)

First i am going to do a Nail Of The Day, i did a black and pink sparkly nails :)

 OK i put black nail polish first on the nails ( except the pink one) and then over that i put kind of black-grayish sparkly nail polish and on the pink one i just put pink and i didn't have a sheer sparkly nail polish well except for my nail art paint and i put that on a sponge and dabbed it all over the pink color and i put top coat on, i will write in the next picture which nail polishes i used
the first one is black nail polish from depend( i think it's a Swedish brand) it doesn't have a name but it does have a number it's 039, the second one is the greyish sparkly nail polish ( when u look carefully u can see green,purple sparkles but u can't see it on this picture)it also doesn't have a name but it does have a number and the number is 104, the third one is the Sally Hansen Hard as nails pink nail polish it's called Twisted Pink, i forgot to take a picture of the nail art paint i used over the pink but it is from Kiss brush on nail art paint in PA10 Silver Glitter, and the last one is L'oreal's Resist and shine titanium clear nail polish that i used as a top coat. i have had these nails for like 4 days or more and they haven't chipped at all <3

and my Top 10 favorite tag
i will have Singers this week
1.Beyonce ( i just LOVE her voice and i love her and all of her songs <3)  My favorite song is Ring the alarm (before i used to love it but it wasn't my favorite song from her but now it is i seriously love it <3)

2. Shakira ( i LOVE her dancing, i love her singing and every thing i don't love all of her songs but i do love most of them)  my favorite song with her is La Tortura but it used to be Objections (Tango)
- La Tortura              

- Objections ( Tango)
3.Christina Aguliera ( LOVE her voice and everything but i sort of don't like her new songs :/ ) my favorite song with her is Fighter but it used to be Dirrty and Hurt
- Fighter
- Dirrty
- Hurt  

4.Avril Lavigne (i used to love her music when i was younger but now i just like it)my favorite song is When You're Gone but it used to be Nobody's Home (dno why i loved that song but i really did <3)

When You're Gone                                                                                               
Nobody's Home

5.Nelly Furtardo i used to love her when i was younger and i still do, my favorite song is one of her old songs that has been my favorite since the first time i heard it 
- I'm Like a Bird

6.Gwen Stefani ( also have loved her since i was a lot younger) my favorite songs are Cool ( sometimes i tear up watching the video XD (A)), What you Waiting for (i like the song but i LOVE the MV),It's my Life ( the MV is with No Doubt the group she was in)
- Cool

- What you Waiting for

- It's my Life
7.Katy Perry
my favorite songs with her are Thinking Of you and Fireworks but i recently started liking Teenage dream and the one that got away, more than i did before but they are not my favorite
- Thinking of you ( i absolutely LOVE the MV <3)
i seriously love this song <3                                   

8.Mandy Moore ( i have only heard one song but i love it so much it is one of my favorites and i had to include it here)
- Only hope (it's the soundtrack from the movie she was in -A walk to remember)

9. Park Bom ( this is kind of random but i love her voice and her solo song i sometimes am not impressed with her live singing but i do love her voice <3) the song that i love is You and I she did a new solo song named Don't cry but i don't love it as much as i love this song <3 ( oh and BTW it's in Korean)
- You and I (when i learned the story of the MV i teared up T.T)

10. Britney spears (love her but she is not my favorite anymore i don't love her songs as much as i used to but i do still like them)
- Everytime           
I'm A slave for you

and that is it i really hope someone else does this tag because i would really love to see what your favorite singers and songs are, and i wanted to say again you don't have to put the MV in the post i just did it because i wanted to show u just in case if you didn't know which song i was talking about :) and yes if you do this tag please write a comment here and send me the link of your blog because i would love to see what all of your favorite singers are

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