Saturday, 14 May 2011

OOTD and a Haul

Hello :) today i went to Ålesund shopping and i bought a few things i wanted to share with you and i also wanted to do an outfit of the day :) 

-The Outfit 

lol i look a little weird on this picture but anyway this scarf that I'm wearing i bought at Kappahl here in Norway

This T-shirt i bought at Cubus also here in Norway. With this i wore dark blue jeans and my black and white converse ( my camera is broken so i had to take a picture with the camera in my computer and on that camera i don't have one of those timers so i couldn't take a picture of the whole outfit

- The Haul

This shirt was on sale in H&M and i really liked it so i bought it and while i was shopping in H&M i was thinking i have seen this shirt somewhere and then i realized i saw it in Glee on my favorite character Brittany

lol i tried to take a picture of her wearing it

then i bought this sweater in H&M i really liked it but it's kind of see through, i can just wear a white t-shirt underneath ( it was on sale and it cost so little )

this scarf i wanted to buy online but it was sold out so i was very happy when i went to H&M and found it (plus it was the last one thank god i found it before anyone else haha)

i bought this tube top thingy just to wear underneath shirts. (i bought it in Gina Tricot)

anyway that was my OOTD and haul see you next time xo.

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