Monday, 16 May 2011


Hi i wanted to do a quick Outfit of the day and show you my dogs <3, i didn't really go anywhere special today i just went to the store so i just wore a t-shirt and jeans 

On my face I'm wearing
-Maybelline LASH Stiletto Volume
-Clinique quick liner in 07 really black (on my waterline)
-Coca Cola lip smacker
-MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in soft pink
-Maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel liner
-and then I'm just wearing a light brown eyeshadow I'm not wearing any Foundation,Concealer or Powder

This is the scarf that i wore in my first OOTD i bought it in Kappahl here in Norway it's now my favorite scarf i wear it all the time <3, the cardigan that I'm wearing i bought in Bik Bok its just black and long and has little pockets, the t-shirt i forgot to put in my haul the other day i bought it at the same time as the other stuff and i bought it in H&M and then I'm just wearing these dark blue jeans

This is the t-shirt

i quickly put on some shoes and these shoes i have had for so long and i still wear them because i love them but they have holes on the back of them T.T ( i know the shoes don't really go with the outfit but i was in a hurry haha ) oh and these are Kawasaki shoes.

Okay so here are my dogs <3
This is Fido i have had him for over 5 years he is a Beagle he is brown,black and white <3

This is Iza she is an Icelandic sheepdog we have had her for like 2-3 years she is light brown, white and has a little black on her also <3.


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  2. thank you! :)
    -oh and i subscribed to your blog :)