Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hi everyone :) i was reading this blog  -  and she was saying how she will try to read more books and how she loved to read before but lost the will to read, well i am the same i used to LOVE reading i mean i would read in class ( put the book that I'm reading behind the school book and read lol)  i even won books in school (every year there was this thing that which student reads most books or most pages or something like that wins stuff- mostly books and i won like 2 times) but i lost the will to read i mean i still buy and get books i still do get excited when i get a new book but i never end up reading them and now I'm going to try really hard to read more!
i will show a few pictures of the books that i own (some are in English some in Icelandic and one in Croatian)
I'm going to name all the books even though u can see the name of most of them lol - City of bones-Cassandra Clare,Jer ona to moze(Because She Can)- Bridie Clark, Icing on the lake-Catherine Clark, On Beauty - Zadie Smith, Bókin um Marilyn ( Book About Marilyn Monroe)-Mike Evans,Stranger With My Face - Lois Duncan
i am kind of sad that the book about Marilyn is in Icelandic i would prefer to read it in English but this is the book that my sister bought so i have to read it in Icelandic :/
i took a picture of this little bookmark because it came with the book - Book About Marilyn

Krössgötur- Kristín Steinsdóttir, Dýrið gengur laust - Hrafnhildur Valgarðsdóttir, Harry Potter og Blendings Prinsinn - J.K Rowling, Sjötta skotmarkið - James Patterson,4 julí - James Patterson, Angels and Demons - Dan Brown, A series of Unfortunate Events *The Miserable Mill* - Lemony Snicket, Ljónið, Nornin og Skápurinn ( The Lion, The Witch and the wardrobe) - C.S Lewis, Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett , Equal Rites - Terry Pratchett and Wifey by Judy Blume.

these i will absolutely be reading <3  the first is the Teen Vogue Hand Book- An Insider's Guide to careers in Fashion, second Nina Garcia's Look Book (Nina from Project Runway), The last two are the ones i got recently Teen People Celebrity Beauty Guide- Star Secrets for gorgeous hair, makeup, skin and more! and the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual <3.

The upper two books i won for reading lol ( i don't think I'm going to read them the books don't sound that interesting :/) and the big green book i won for being an excellent student lol ( i got it when i was in the 6th Grade lol)
okay so wow those are many books but i am confident i will be able to read most of them, i have already started on the Icing on the lake by Catherine Clark if you want to know how everything is going with my reading you can just ask me and i can just put it at the end of my Posts, I Think I'm going to do a top 10 Favorite Books sometimes soon ( not the books on my now reading list just the books i have already read) anyway I'm so sorry that if you thought that this post was boring i promise that my next posts will be more fun :)
-Nena :*


  1. Hey! I looooveee reading too! You should try books from Celia Ahearn there amazing! I keep meaning to read a book from Zadie Smith! Happy reading <3

  2. So many lovely books! Your blog is fab!

  3. Sadie: what kind of books has she written ?
    Vintage Makeup: Thank you, i love your blog!