Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 10 of 30 day challenge &NOTD

Hello everyone i have a new NOTD for you and it's day 10 of the 30 day Challenge :)

Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
I have a few trends that i like right now and they are 

Nude Heels 
i have been looking for the perfect nude heels and i can't seem to find any here in Norway :/ , so i am going to try to look in Croatia this summer or if we do go shopping in Italy 
i am looking for nude heels like these ( a little different but something like these)

Floral Patterns 
since like January i have been buying a lot of Floral clothes ( dresses, t-shirt, skirts...) i really like Floral Pattern dresses!

i really love playsuits, mostly the ones from H&M they have the prettiest playsuits <3

i was going to buy this leopard print playsuit from h&m but it was sold out! 
and then i saw this one and i really liked it so i bought it :)
i have this denim jacket that i really love and i am going to use it a lot when it gets warmer here in Norway

anyway those are the current trends that i like the most right now, and now on to the NOTD
they are just clear nails with purple french tips  ( i am not really good at doing the french tip)

I just used a Depend clear nail polish ( well the nail polish was more clear with a pink tint) and i don't know the brand of the purple nail polish i'm sorry)
do you have any favorite trends right now ? and if yes which ?

30 Day Challenge :)
Day 01- Your favorite eyeliner
Day 02 — Your favorite purse/bag that you own
Day 03 — Your favorite Hairband
Day 04 — Your favorite foundation
Day 05 — Your favorite thing to do
Day 06 — Favorite Perfume
Day 07 — Your Favorite animal
Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
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Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
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Day 12 — Your Favorite color
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
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Day 17 — Fashion Pieces that's on your to-buy list
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Day 19 — Your second favorite guru 
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Day 28 — Your favorite drink
Day 29 — Favorite photo of yourself and a friend 

Day 30 — Your favorite nail polish

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  1. love those playsuits!

    thanks for the comment on my blog