Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 28 OF 30 Day Challenge & NOTD

Hello everyone i have a NOTD for you today ( i know i said i was going to do a review of the Isa Dora nail polish but i was taking of the nail polish of my toe nails with a nail polish remover and it accidentally also got on my hand and my nail polish got ruined so i just put on a different one on my nails so i will do the Isa Dora nail polish review next time i use it).
ok so i am wearing the Sally Hansen hard as nails nail polish in 06 Sun Kissed
i really love this color, it's really pretty and it stays on for long without chipping, but like i said last time there is one downer and it's that you have to paint three times over to get the pretty color.
Day 28 — Your favorite drink

Regular drinks-
it's Ice Tea from Nestea in Peach Flavor - YUM i love drinking it in the summer ( the first time i drank it i didn't like it but after tasting it for the second time i loved it <3).

and Coke of course lol, but i have been drinking less and less of Coke these days.

Alcoholic drinks -
Smirnoff Ice Sweetened with Lime Flavor, i really like it but i don't drink a lot i probably drink once a year or something or twice, i try to stay away from alcohol but i do maybe have a drink or two sometimes.
 also i really Love Bacardi Breezer in Lemon Flavor
so what drinks do you like ?, what nail polish are you using right now ?

30 Day Challenge :)
Day 01- Your favorite eyeliner
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Day 28 — Your favorite drink
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Day 30 — Your favorite nail polish


  1. Love that nail colour :)
    I'm currently wearing Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.

    I haven't drank a Smirnoff Ice in years now, if I have an alcopop I tend to go for VK Orange or Blueberry Breezer

  2. please check your e-mail and contact me

  3. love that nail color!! looks great!

  4. @MegalufLady: thanks!, yea i googled your nail polish(lol) and i love it, that color is so pretty!
    @Maya: yup i did and i sent you a mail back :)
    @Catalina: thanks i love it <3

  5. Love it :D Thanks for your comment ;) I do have some favorite characters ;D Blair! I know she's a bitch but I love her! :D and little J, but only at the beginning and the end of season 1 en how she is now in season 2 :)

  6. @Melanie np ^^ also thanks for your comment :) ,, Blair is also my favorite character i love her because she's a bitch <3. i liked Little J at the beginning of Gossip Girl but at the end i really didn't like her, when you finish all the Gossip Girl seasons you will see why i really don't like her character anymore. what do you think about Serena ?

  7. Ok, I'm now looking at the 4th episode of season 2 ;p First i liked S, but now.. I don't really know :s She made such a beautiful couple with Dan but, than G came, and she was the 'old' serena again, and in the episode i've just watched she's 'the queen' again, but that's SO wrog, B is the queen ;D I'm so happy i watch gg now :)

  8. i also first liked her but she started to annoy me, you will see in the next seasons why, yeah i also thought that she and him made a really cute couple once (lol i want to say why i don't like them together anymore but if i do i will give out spoilers so i won't tell you, you just tell me when you finish all the seasons so i can tell you why lol) yeah Serena as the 'Queen' doesn't feel right i never liked that Blair is the best 'Queen' lol,,ok now i miss GG i'm going to go watch it again lol