Monday, 27 June 2011

Ei Nynorske Festpela :)

Hello everyone :)
i'm sorry i haven't been updating anything for these 4 days lol, i have been really busy, i got a job ( well not a real job i was just the help)at this Nynorske Festpela, i was like washing dishes,helping a little out with the food and just doing a lot of things, and when i was done i hung around, there was music and stuff like that it was really fun, so i wanted to do an OOTD for those 4 days ( it's nothing too interesting, the first two days i had to wear a shirt that all the other workers wore, except mine was purple and theirs was red) i only worked three days 23rd,24th and 26th, but i was there on the 25th i just wasn't working. i went on two concerts there the first one was a band and a girl singing and the second one was 5 guys singing, it was all in Norwegian, i only understood a little of it lol but the music was fun. i didn't have a camera so i didn't take any pictures :/.
ok so on to the OOTD

Day 1 
i wore this purple shirt that they gave me to wear ( all workers wore it but most of them wore red shirts) and under it i have a grey t-shirt from h&m, and i am just wearing dark jeans. on the t-shirt it writes Visuelle Karamell - which i think means Visual Caramel lol
Day 2
i again wore the purple shirt and dark jeans but that day i started to work in the morning so i had the rest of the day off, so i went home and changed and came back
i wore this grey/silver dress from Warehouse but i wore it as a top not as a dress it's much longer but i pulled it up and changed it a little bit :), also i am wearing a gold necklace which you can't see in this picture so i took another picture of the necklace
it's just this plain gold necklace. :) ( by the way i put it around my hand and took a picture of it this is not my neck lol)

Day 3
on day 3 i wasn't working i was just there hanging around with this girl that is the daughter of my mom's friend's wife lol. and we went to one of the concerts ( by the way it was freezing outside lol).
i am wearing this cardigan from Bik Bok and this t-shirt of Jim Morrison ( i don't remember where i bought it I'm sorry :S )and these dark jeans.
she got 2 bracelets( or whatever they are called) one was orange it means that you worked there ( which she didn't lol) and a green one meant that you could go anywhere in that place without paying. and she gave me the orange one( it couldn't even fit on my hand, only halfway haha)
on it writes el/ei Nynorske Festepela.

and on all of those 3 days i had this jacket on when i was outside.
i bought this jacket in Vero Moda here in Norway.
Day 4
the last day, it was really hot that day so i was happy.there was a party on that day and all of the people that worked were invited, but i had to wash dishes after everyone was done eating lol, but i was lucky that people helped me with it and didn't just ignore me and let me do all the work haha.
i wore this ( the pants i wore on all of these days because they are really comfortable and easy to walk in and i really like them) and i also wore the same shirt as i wore on day 3
the jacket i have no idea where i bought lol, i am still trying to find the store i bought it in but i just can't remember lol, all i remember is that there was a huge sale and i was going to every store that i liked haha.
i wore my favorite watch on this day, my step dad got my this watch when we were on Vacation in Croatia, i really needed a watch and when we were in a watch store getting his watch fixed he told me to pick out any watch i wanted it doesn't matter how much it costs, i picked this one because it was the first one to catch my eye and i also really love the color <3.
anyway that was it :) ,it was a lot of fun but to bad that i didn't take any pictures :/.
see you next time bye xo


  1. sheer shirts are a tricky one! but i wear a white vest top underneath and wear my shirt with leggings or dark jeggings or tucked into a pair of denim shorts with tights & brogues! hope this helps :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  2. i love all these outfits!

  3. Love the outfit from Day 2. And your jacket is so pretty :)