Friday, 17 June 2011

The Haul :)

hello everyone :) , i have a another haul for you today, if you read my last post i went yesterday to the mall and bought some stuff that was on sale :)

first i got a Maybelline lipstick

it was on sale and i really liked the color <3 
and then i went to Morris and they had a sale and i saw this little purse/clutch ?, and i really liked it so i bought it
and then i went to a store i have never been in ( i'm sorry i don't know the name of it, it's really hard to read it ) and i bought this cute little mirror
the outside of the mirror is plastic ( not the mirror it self but the heart and  the little thing it's standing on )
and i saved the best for last <3
i went to H&M to check out if the things that are sold out on the internet is in stock in the store and i was so lucky that it was <3
first i bought this maxi dress that i really liked ( i think it looks better in real life than on pictures :S )

and the playsuit that i have been wanting to buy for a long time but it was sold out on the internet and they had it in the store in my size!! <3 

and that was the haul i wanted to talk to you about three other things,
remember the NOTD that i had the other day wearing the yellow and orange nail polish from sally hansen hard as nails ?, well now i will do a little review for it , i have had it on for like a week or something and it only chipped a little yesterday ( the yellow nail polish ) but the orange nail polish hasn't chipped at all i am really impressed! and i will be repurchasing other colors form sally hansen hard as nails!.

second thing is last week i did a post about books i was ordering and it arrived today (it took so long!) and i can't wait to read them i will do a book review after i am done reading them! :)
Sophie Page - To Marry a Prince and Kelly Oram - Being Jamie Baker.
the last thing
did anyone see the Katy Perry Last Friday night(T.G.I.F) MV ? if yes what did you think about it, me i love the song and the mv. the MV is really funny and cute and i really love the song i have been listening to it nonstop plus her E.T song ( without Kanye west version)
E.T ( I don't like the song with Kanye in it, i have the version that is without him)
                                                      Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)

btw does anyone know what T.G.I.F stands for lol ?


  1. wow the mirror is nice!
    lol Katy Perry mv is very funny xD

  2. I was gonna by that H&M maxi dress!! but I'm too short for maxi dresses lol

    love everything you bought!

  3. @maya- thanks i love it <3
    @Krizz- lol thanks, yes really funny
    @Catalina how tall are you ? ,, thanks!

  4. cute mirror x