Thursday, 30 June 2011

Haul+NOTD+i won a giveaway!!

Hello everyone,
i wanted to talk to you about one thing before i did the haul and all of that.
I was reading this blog, and she has a post about fake purses/bags you can read about it here , i am really surprised that people would actually do that( the part about buying purses/shoes from high end stores, also buying fake ones, returning the fake ones to the high end store, getting their money back and keeping the money and the real purse) and then people who actually buy the purse get a fake one. this is actually what i commented on her blog - i really want a Chanel purse and if i ever do ever get one and if i end up finding out that i spent so much money on a fake one, i will go mental (lol XD),i mean spending so much money on a fake bag god i hope they really stop making fakes.
 How to spot a fake one :

okay so first thing, the giveaway that i won, it was hosted by MakeUpSpell
i won this:
*picture taken off MakeUpSpell's blog*
Edward or Jacob? Eyeshadow
Meybelline Expression Kajal Eyeliner
and really pretty earrings <3

it love the red and the little white (bags?) that it came with it's so pretty <3 and the card i really like it!, mostly what is written in it! <3 ( i need to stop doing hearts lol)

first of all the eye shadows i really like both of them! i haven't tried them on yet but the colors are so pretty especially the dark purple one! <3 <3( it looks more like blue on the picture but it's not blue).
The eyeliner i haven't tried it yet so i can't say anything about it, but i have two other maybelline eyeliners and i love them so i will probably love this one also!.
The earrings, they are so pretty i am going to be wearing them a lot this summer!
i am so happy that i won! ,i have never won anything so you can imagine how happy i was that i won haha

- The Haul
the dress is not black btw i just have really bad lighting, i will try to get a better picture of it tomorrow. the dress is like dark grayish blue, or something like that lol, but it's really pretty and it was on a sale, it used to cost 299(NOK) and i got it on 37,00 ( but i would never have bought the dress at 299 nok lol). i got the dress at Kappahl
the dress has these two pretty tags on it and i really wanted to write down for you what is written on it, because i really like it!
the tag with the roses on(i like this one more)-
Vintage Stories
Imagine if a blouse would recount the 
occasions when the heart of the women who 
wore it beat faster or when it was broken. 
If the dress remembered all those summer 
days. If the jewellery remembered all the 
partied and the skirts remembered all the 
journeys. These are clothes with tales and 
                                       you can now continue their stories

the sheer tag-
Vintage Stories
She waited impatiently
for the seamstress to get
closer so she could wear
the blouse. It was still
a few degrees too cold,
but soon.

also i bought my first essie nail polish it was on sale 2 for 20 NOK which is sooo little for nail polishes ( i saw on the internet that one essie nail polish cost like 100 and something NOK and i got two for 20) but i got them in the same color because they only had that one color lol, the woman said they were 2 for 20, i will just give the other one to my mom or sister
the sales woman put it in this cute little bag.
 then i got this cute little scarf in the same store, i really like it, it's purple and blue(two of my favorite colors) (couldn't take a better picture of it because the scarf is sheer)
 and FINALLY i bought these stockings i have been looking everywhere for them since i saw Blair wear them on Gossip girl, i really like these...
 ...but i accidentally bought them in black T.T haha i hope that i can change them tomorrow and that they have the right ones because these were on sale on 50 NOK normally they cost 159 NOK.

i am wearing the Essie nail polish that i bought, i really like the color, i have the 726 Vermillionaire

anyway that was it see you next time xo.


  1. Congratulations on winning the giveaway! :)
    I've just posted a few outfit ideas with a sheer white shirt, as you've requested. Take a look:

    Hope I was helpful! :)

  2. Congratulations on the giveaway!!
    You have a cute blog.
    And I need that nail polish.


  3. I'm glad that nothing was broken during shipping. And I'm very happy you liked the present.