Sunday, 10 July 2011

Haul+Outfits of the week

Hey guys!, 
i was thinking of what to post, my mind was just blank, and i got the idea to do outfits of the week on every Sunday (I'm not saying Outfits of the week is my idea, i am just saying the idea of doing it popped into my head lol) and also i am going to do a haul, it's not big or anything it's just a few small things :) 

The Haul- ( btw i want to say i'm sorry for my nails lol, i haven't put on a new nail polish in a week or more :S)
i saw this really cute belt in Glitter and it cost so little that i had to buy it

i also bought it in black, i really liked it in both colors and plus it was really cheap

this little purse/coin purse? was on sale and i thought it was cute. the brand is Friis & Company , i love their bags, i was thinking of buying one now because it was on sale, but i decided not to because i am saving for my vacation, and plus during christmas time there will probably be even a bigger sale! and i will buy one then :)

and then i bought these glasses and i really liked them, the brand is Mokki, it's a Norwegian brand or something
they are red on the sides <3

and like this on the inside

outside of the store there were these perfume samples ( one of those little bottles that u can use) and i grabbed a few lol
i've said it before that Lolita Lempicka is my favorite perfume, but it costs a lot here so i am trying to find it somewhere else, i was really happy that they had those tiny little spray bottles of this perfume that i grabbed three of them haha! ( can't find the 3rd one :/ )
i also took these two and they are AMOR AMOR Tentation and Bigaiotti DUE Donna (both smell really good btw)
and then in Glitter they sell these little goodie bags that cost 49 NOK and inside there are 8 jewelery pieces( or more) that they picked and they would normally cost 500 together but you only have to pay 49, my mom actually bought this and didn't like it so she gave it to me lol.

 first i am going to show the stuff that i liked

 and now the things that i didn't really like ( lol the funniest thing was seing my mothers face when she saw these )

i have no idea what i am going to do with these jewelery pieces that i didn't like :/,

The Outfits -  ( i didn't go anywhere special, i did go shopping, but other times i just went walking with my dogs) and i've never worn clothes like this while going out with my dogs before, it's just that i recently saw how many cute guys live in my street haha! ) i didn't wear any jewelery because i was just out with my dogs

i don't remember where i got the jean jacket but i got the shirt in H&M, and the jeans used to be my sisters and she gave them to me and now they are my favorite ( i am actually wearing them in all these pictures except two)

the thing i love most about this shirt is that the backside is longer than the front side

here the shirt is also from H&M

also this one but the shorts are from VILA

this button down shirt is from H&M,

shirt-H&M pants-VILA

lol everything is from H&M also this button down shirt haha.
okay so those were the outfits that i wore during the week the shoes that i was wearing were my black and white converse and my H&M black flats with a bow.
see you next time bye xo.


  1. I really like the belts and the purse that you got. From the goodies bag, I loove that bracelet!
    Also, I think your outfits are really cute and you should keep doing these kind of posts. I'm looking forward to see more :)
    Btw, I also like H&M a lot!

  2. thanks! i will try!

    haha half my closet has H&M clothes, every time i go to the mall i go straight to H&M,right now the clothes i like most are in H&M (if you don't count the higher end brand clothes, which i don't really buy from unless there is a huge sale)

  3. lol the pink/purple neck thingy is... :/
    I like the pink belt, it looks really nice.

  4. love your belt! it looks so pretty :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  5. The sunglasses look really pretty!