Thursday, 25 August 2011

i'm back and i have a haul :)

*credit to the owner*
Hi everyone :) i'm sorry i haven't been updating, but like some of you know i was on a vacation in croatia and i only had a little internet there where i could only check out facebook and hotmail ( forgot my twitter password and blogger didn't work for some reason lol) anyway i came back like a week ago but i didn't want to blog right away i was mostly thinking of new ideas for my blog and stuff like that. So today i have a haul for you, it's just some stuff i bought in Croatia and here.

i got my first ever O.P.I nailpolish and it's the one that i really really wanted, it's from the Pirates of the carribean collection - Stranger Tides. it's a little different than what i thought it would be but i still really like it! :)
 and i got this special effect top coat its from essence its clear with silver and purple sparkles it's really pretty i have it on in the picture if you look at my nails ( it's actually prettier in person than on pictures, on pictures it's just meh...)it's no 01 and the name of the polish is it's purplicious
 and then i got these 4 eye shadows from essence, these are the colors that i mostly use on my eyes. i will do a review on it when i've tried it better it's in no 05 and the name of it is to die for.
 and then i got this blush it's a light pink and it's very pretty it's in no 10 and the name of it is adorable and it's also from essence.
 i thought that this light pink lipstick was veeery pretty until when i came home and tried it on my self it's too light pink and it doesn't look good on me lol ( swatch below) it's from catrice  and the name of the lipstick is pink panther.
 also i bought this concealer palette from Catrice
 and then i finally bought the maybelline falsies mascara and i gotta say i was REALLY disappointed i don't know if it's just this one or is the falsies mascara really bad ?.
i bought these face masks ( which are really good btw) i bought one of every kind ( there were 4) i bought the green tea essence mask, royal jelly essence mask, cucumber essence mask and moisturizing herb mask
 this clean and clear daily moisturizer ( i also bought the morning burst facial wash but i can't find it)
 olay anti wrinkle nature fusion night cream ( i don't have wrinkles or anything i just like this cream)
 Syoss anti frizz lotion ( which i really like by the way)
 and this Garnier fructis hair mask ( which is amazing, my hair feels great after using it)
 i bought this the other day here in Norway they had nivea products on sale  it's nivea nourishing day care and soothing toner ( i will do a review on them some other time)
 nivea's gentle cleansing wipes for dry to sensitive skin
 L'OCCITANE hand cream with a rose scent <3
 Victoria Secret PINK body mist
 Lolita Lempicka perfume that i have been dying to get, i got the smaller size because it was on sale.
 i also bought the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume, i bought the limited edition Pop art one and i love it <3
 and then i bought this school bag in Accessorize, i thought it was so cute i just had to buy it <3
 lol sorry for the terrible pictures, i bought 3 stockings there was a sale on them so i figured why not, i always wear these when i wear a dress (well not in the summer) and the stay up ones i bought them just to try them out lol
 i bought this wallet also at accessorize there was a sale on it and i thought it was really cute
i bought this necklace in Croatia in a store called street fashion ( i put the necklace around my hand like this so you could see it better )
  this necklace i bought here in Norway the other day, there was a huge sale in a store called Cubus
 this purse i don't remember what the store that i bought it in is called but i bought it in Croatia
 i bought these sun glasses in Croatia in a store i think is caled MODIANA ( don't remember but i am sure it is called that)
 i needed some hair stuff so i bought these plus they were really cheap
 bought these earrings in Cubus here in Norway
 i found this book in Croatia ( the book isn't this big lol its a box and the book is inside and i also get a free Yoga belt, which is really awesome)
 i bought the three books i Love New York,Hollywood, Paris by Lindsey Kelk ( currently reading the first one) these books are in Croatian ( Volim - Love/I Love but if you are saying to another person i love you you say Volim te and if you are saying i love cheese lol or paris or whatever then you can say Volim)
 i bought this Carrie Bradshaw Diaries book
 this is just a tour book or something like that, i really wanted it so i bought it
 bought the second and third Mortal Instuments books
 and this book in croatian  ( which is Unearthly in english)
 lol and this little cute coin purse ( i bought it becasue it matches my wallet and school bag lol and i really needed a new coin purse

there are a few things left i will put them in a new post when i find them
but yeah that was most of it :).


  1. I like everything that you bought, but I love the bag and the wallet.And it's interesting for me that you bought books on Serbian /Croatian language.

  2. yeah i bought them because i'm slowly forgetting Croatian/Serbian and i don't want to because it's my mother language and i thought it would be a great idea to read in Croatian/Serbian to not forget lol. btw i am Croatian and i speak Serbo-Croatian :D

  3. That's great you should practice, it's always good to know another language...." lep provod"- (have fun)

  4. I Love your O.P.I nailpolish ... GREAT color! : ) And your bags are awesome!

    Check out our Blog, please:

  5. You have so many great things here! I absolutely love what you bought!
    I have never tried the Maybelline Falsies mascara, but I have tried the Colossal Volume Express and I would highly recommend that one. It's great, at least in my opinion.
    Oh and, I've been wanting to get the those Nivea products for face (for sensitive skin too). Maybe you could do a review on it and let us know if it's worth buying :)

    Hope you had a great time on your vacation and thanks for always leaving such nice comments on my blog!
    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  6. thank you! , the colossal mascara is next on my to buy list, i was really disappointed with the falsies mascara it's very flaky and it smudges a little. currently i am really loving the nivea products and i will do the review probably next week or the week after that. do you have sensitive skin ? ( because mine is a little dry but not sensitive)

    i did have a great time! i will post the pictures from the vacation when i get all the pictures together ( my mom had a camera, my sister and my step dad and when i met my dad for a day he also took pictures so i have a lot of pictures to look through lol)

  7. I can't wait to see the review! I have dry and sensitive skin. I have a natural cream based on honey that works amazing for me, but if forget to apply it before I go to sleep, the next day my face will be a bit itchy and get redness in some spots. It's really annoying, so I thought I'd give those products a try. :)

    Can't wait to see those pictures!

  8. aww im glad your back lovely :)..the i hear newyork/paris/hollywood books are brill i couldnt put them down when i started reading them :) xx

  9. @sophie: thanks! i'm really happy to be back!

    yea i really like the books ( well i'm still on the first one it's my first time reading in Croatian since i was little so i kind of read it slowly)

  10. I love the bag <3
    i also have the nivea makeup remover and i love it!

  11. woow how many thing!! I love nemo movie :)

    I use the same mascara !! ... Im following now, welcome back

  12. Oh you got so many cute things. Love the Nivea products. Im a sucker for Nivea haha.
    And its cool that you can understand Croatian. Keep on speaking it and reading it haha its never good to not know your own mother tongue.