Sunday, 4 September 2011

Finally Got the books!

Hey everyone
i once made a post about the books that i was going to buy, but didn't want to buy them right away because they did cost a lot, well now they are off the wishlist because i bought them and i love them!, they are so mcuh better than what i thought they were going to be so i am so happy!. Before you see all the pictures i am just going to say i googled the pictures, mine were just so crappy that i decided just to find the pictures of the books online ( only one picture is mine)

The books that i bought are -

Alexander Mcqueen Savage Beauty 
the cover changes

as some of you know ( if you have read some of the facts about me) i once liked KPOP ( korean pop music) and i was watching one of my favorite kpop singers Park Bom's new Video - it's this one
she was wearing this dress ( in the beginning) and i just fell in love <3, it was a Alexander Mcqueen dress and ever since i've been really interested in Mcqueen, and this book is just so perfect <3 if you love Alexander Mcqueen you should definitely buy this book

the dress <3
 i was sooo happy when i found the dress in the book <3 ( lol forgot to edit the photo woops XD )
sorry for the crappy picture, it was just so hard to take a picture of it, the book is kind of heavy lol
- Chanel Collections and Creations 
haven't yet looked through the whole book

-And Fifty Dresses That Changed The World
i am currently looking/reading this one, and i saw that once a topless dress was made in 1970 designed by Rudy Gernreich

here is a picture of it -
so crazy lol
i was going to do a haul but i decided that i will just post the books that i got now and tomorrow i will do the haul, it's just so dark outside and the pictures wouldn't come out right)


  1. These look really cool and that first book has an interesting cover. Hope you enjoy reading these :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion* blog

  2. Ahhh Alexander McQ. I want/need that book because Im such a huge fan of all his work. I saw one of his designers first on Lady Gaga and since then I've just been going crazy loving his work more and more <3


  3. Just realised that you've changed your layout. I really like the way your blog looks now :)

    I'm gonna try to put up some ideas for your header!

  4. Alexander MyQueen was one of my favorite designers of all times...I really need to buy that book.

  5. Definitely to a haul! those books look amazing!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  6. I NEED THAT CHANEL BOOK NOW! Let me know how it is on twitter <3