Sunday, 25 September 2011

Halloween tag

hey everyone,
i was checking out my youtube account today, to see if any of the people that i am subscribed to made new videos , and i was so happy to see that my favorite guru(missglamorazzi) made a new vlog with her friend Joey and they did a tag, it's a halloween tag and i thought it would be really fun to do it! and in case if you want to see the videos the links are down below
part 1 of the video:
part 2 of the video:

okay so i will begin.

1. Favorite Halloween movie?
for me it's the addams family and beetlejuice ( although i haven't seen beetlejuice in a long time, but the addams family is one of my favorite movies <3 )
2. What age did you stop trick-or-treating?
i think i was around 16-17
3. Favorite Halloween costume you have worn?
uff this one is hard :/ , i think it may be my wonder woman costume ( me and my sister made one haha, although it didn't really look that good, i still loved making it with my sister )
4. What are you going to be this year?
nothing really, i will probably stay at home, eating my own candy lol, but if my "plans" change i will let you guys know
5. Do you like going to haunted attractions?
uff, not really, i am the person who is a HUGE scaredy cat! i am such a whimp!, seriously!, but maybe it would be fun to go with friends, but i'm the one who would be hugging my friends and hiding behind them lol ( thinking take them not me haha!)
6. Vampires or werewolves?
Vampires definitely, i'm a huge fan of- buffy the vampire slayer, True blood, and Interview with a vampire, also i recently started liking The Vampire diaries
7.Favorite Halloween candy?
hmm... it's a boring answer lol because most people would probably answer the same , but yeah chocolate, any kind of chocolate
8.Do you decorate your house!
no, i have never decorated my house on halloween ( i have on christmas, but not halloween), but i would love to do it!.
9.Least favorite costume
it has got to be my emo costume lol, also my fairy princess costume ( oh god! those were so lame! i don't even know what i was thinking when i did those lol)
10.Have u ever repeated a costume and what was it?
no i actually haven't, i have never liked my costume so much that i would repeat it, usually the next day i'm thinking what the hell was i thinking wearing that costume yesterday, NEVER again! lol )
11.Do you believe in ghosts?
yes and no, not really sure, so i don't know lol!
12.Scariest Halloween 
when i was in the 6th grade i think the class that was about to graduate held this haunted house thing in the school, and i as soo scared i was holding on to my friend the whole time and walking forward while my eyes were closed, every time i opened them i would get too scared lol ,  ( and later during that day i found out my sister was a part of the haunted house haha!)

also i tag - Krizz, Madeline, Catalina, Maja,Sadie,Sophie and everybody who wants to do this tag! :)  ( oh and if you do this tag, can you link it in the comments ? , because i would love to read it!) 


  1. Haunted Houses are sooo scary!! I can't wait for Halloween!

  2. Fun tag ...

  3. This was fun ^-^

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