Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Yet another Haul

Hello everyone :) on twitter i said like last week that i would do a haul but i always just forgot, plus i was really busy, i don't know if i told you this but i just started in a school in Norway ( yes i have been in Norway for a year and i just started going to school lol) and learning Norwegian is hard :/, i thought it might be easier for me because i speak Icelandic, but it's not as easy as i thought so i've been mostly busy with that. ( if you want to follow me on twitter here is my twitter account!/NenagTH )

so today i went to check out some games in elko and i was going to buy the Harry Potter game for PC, but decided not to because the language is in Norwegian and i wasn't sure if i could change it to english ( if you have the game and you know how to change languages can you please tell me? , because i really want to buy the game but not if i have to play in Norwegian)

and then i decided to check out some stores and i went to this makeup store that sells all kinds of makeup/skin care/perfume/nailpolish brands and there was a sale on some Dior lipglosses,lipsticks, eyeshadows, and i think there was foundation also, i am not sure, and i bought a lipgloss and after that i checked out some stores and bought more stuff (not a lot) and decided to do the haul today :)

Okay so i bought this Dior Addict Crystal Gloss in 087 Sweet Rose. it looks just like it does in the picture, i've put it on a couple of times and i love it <3
and i bought this dark red nail polish from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. it's in no 90 and the name is Brick Wall. i am in love with this colour, i will be wearing it a lot!
 also i bought this nailpolish from MNY ( Maybelline New York) the color is like nudish pink, it's really pretty, i love it and i will also wear this one a lot!
 here are the colours on my nails
also this lip balm has been on my wish list for so long and i finally got it ( i was lucky it was on sale lol) i got the pink one because i liked the smell of it the most
then i got this Hand and Nail Lotion From Vaseline ( this one has also been on my wish list for some time i've just always forgot to look for it. This one was also on sale ( it didn't cost much before but since it was on sale i just had to buy it)
 ever since i saw Princess Diana's ring i fell in love with it <3 it was so pretty and i had to buy something like it,so i was lucky to find this one and i really love it i wear it all the time. i bought this ring when i was in Croatia, i just forgot to put it in my last haul ( my fingers looked really weird in the picture so i cropped them off lol)
these fake pearl bracelets all came together but you can use them apart ( which is why i bought them) and there are different sizes. i bought them in Cubus
 this bangle i also bought in cubus ( i really like it!)
 also this bracelet i bought in Cubus.
 this one i bought in Croatia in a store called C&A (
 these i bought in cubus
there was a sale in Cubus and i saw this blazer and i kind of liked it, but i'm not sure if i am going to wear it a lot ( it's a boyfriend blazer )
 i fell in love with this sweater when i saw it and i just had to get it, i was so lucky they had this sweater in my size because all of the other ones had only XL,S,XS ( small can fit me but i like it when my sweater is a little loose on me) ( oh and it's much prettier in person, it's a bright red colour)
my neck looks super long here lol mostly because i lifted my head up so i could take a better picture of the scarf, it's just a bright orange scarf, i bought it because i really liked it and i didn't have anything like it ( the colour)
 my nceck also looks really long here lol ( like i said in the last picture, i lifted my head up so i could take a better picture of the scarf). this one is currently my favorite scarf, i wear it all the time ( it's a very light pink colour)
 and it has these... things on the bottom lol ( sorry forgot what it's called)
 and now the shoes. These shoes i bought in Croatia, i fell in love with them as soon as i saw them <3, they are from an italian brand called Minozzi i bought them in a store called Humanic (
 they are like this on the side <3
so that was it, i'm still looking at my Vacation pictures, i also have to ask my sister to send me all the pictures she took so i can look through them and decide which to put up so it might take long. Also i have got many new ideas on what to do with my blog so there will be many new things coming this month.

Bye xo


  1. nice haul
    and i like the shoes ^-^

  2. Lovely haul! I really like everything you got. The bracelets are gorgeous and I like the colors of the nail polishes you bought. As for the clothes, think it's great that you got more basic ones, so that you can mix and match them. :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  3. I love everything you bought! Especially the Dior Addict lipgloss! the blazer % shoes are so nice as well :)