Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day 2&3 Of 30 Day Celebrity Challenge

Hello everyone, so yesterday i didn't do a post and i'm sorry for that, but i have a good explanation for that, but i am not going to bore you with it haha.

also on the challenge day 2 and 3 is supposed to be First Celebrity Encounter and Favorite Celebrity Encounter, but since i haven't had any celebrity encounters lol, so i will change those two  ( i have seen some Croatian/Serbian celebrities but i have no idea who they are haha).

I will change them too Second Celebrity Obsession and Third Celebrity Obsession ( from long time ago)

now on to the challenge!.

Day 2 - Second Celebrity Obsession
my second celebrity obsession was *drum roll*

Enrique Iglesias
i LOVE his songs <3, i used to listen to them all the time ( i still do ), i remember the first time i heard his songs, my mother used to really love his songs and me and my sister decided to buy his cd for her as a birthday present, now this was the first time we have ever bought her a birthday present she was so happy she cried/teared up, i think that i was like 10-11 years old and i listened to the cd and fell in love <3. Now, that cd is in my shelf haha!( That CD is the Escape CD)

my favorite song of his is -
Hero ( i have this song on my ipod in English and in Spanish, and i love both of them)
Escape ( i also have this one in both English and Spanish <3)

if i could i would probably put all of his older songs here, because they are all my favorite ( not that i don't like his newer songs, i just like the older ones more)

also i have most of his songs in Spanish and English

My Third Celebrity Obsession is *drum roll* ( lol ok i will stop doing that haha)

Avril Lavigne
i was having a hard time choosing between pink and Avril Lavigne, but in the end i chose Avril because i listened to her more, and plus i have her cd and not Pink's

i don't really remember the first time that i heard her songs, but i remember when my sister came back from Paris and gave me her CD ( my aunt bought it for me and gave my sister to give to me), i listened to that cd ALL the time, over and over again  ( i have her Under My Skin CD )

my favorite songs from her are
My Happy Ending-

Skater Boy

i also love her newer(not newest) song When You're Gone, i don't really like her newer song , i much prefer her older songs, but When you're gone is just <3 , one of my favorites!


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