Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 4&5 Of 30 Day Celebrity Challenge

Hi guys, so yesterday i didn't post for day 4 i'm sorry about that, i just got sick yesterday and i wasn't much in the mood to write a blog post ( i still am a little sick but i am much better).

anyway... on to the challenge 

Day 4 - Current Celebrity Obsession 
my current celebrity obsession is someone that i found out about recently and i LOVE her songs, and her voice is just <3 

it's Adele
i haven't actually heard a lot of her songs, but the ones that i have heard are currently my favorites <3
if you are a fan of Adele can you recommend me some good songs that she made ?, because i really want to listen to more of her songs, i just don't know where to start, i like it better when people recommend me songs.

my favorite songs of hers are - 
Rolling in the deep-
Someone like you-
Chasing Pavements-

Day 5 - Current Celebrity Crush #1
and it's Alexander Skarsgård
 i just had to put this picture of him as Eric from true blood , he just looks so yummy here! <3 

by the way for some of you who don't know him, he is a Swedish actor, and he is mostly known for his role as Eric in True Blood.

Who is your current Celebrity Obsession and Current Celebrity crush nr 1 ?

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