Saturday, 5 November 2011

back! + Question and a Haul

Hey guys!, i took a little break from blogging because i wasn't really into it after a while and i thought that the challenge would make me love it again but no :/, and then i thought it would be better for me to take a break and now i am totally back into blogging!, i realized recently that i forgot to write a blog post telling you guys that i was taking a break and i am sorry for that, but now i am back! and i have a haul! :D and a question haha

First will be the question:
i am trying to find a name for my blog and i haven't found anything!, i am not that creative in finding cool names haha, so i wanted to ask you guys to help me find a name, write it in the comments, then i will pick my favorites put up a poll, and the ones with the most votes wins! ( except if i like one name so much that i just have to have it as the blog name haha)

Ok, so the haul:

first i bought these two hats that i really love! <3
the first one i bought in H&M, it was on sale, it's orange and it looks like this:
the second one i don't know the name of the store where i bought it in, it's not a store that i usually go in. i really like this hat i think it looks really cute!
and then i bought this dress from H&M ( i bought it online) (note: i didn't buy all of these things at the same time),
picture taken off H&M
in case you like this dress the link to it is: ( btw it's in Norwegian, you have to change it to the country you live in, it may not be available in your country)

i really like wearing this dress with my brown leather jacket ( it was my sisters, but she gave it to me, i was really happy about that because i always loved that jacket!, she used to let me borrow it and now she gave it to me <3 )
and then i bought this sweater from H&M, i thought it was kind of cute, plus it was on sale so i bought it!, plus i don't have anything like it

 there was this sale in this great shoe store here in Norway called Euro Sko ( the sale was 3 for 2, you pick any three shoes in the stores and you only pay for 2) and i bought these leather boots from the brand Roots ( my mom and sister bought shoes also so we got the 3 for 2 sale)

they are like orange brownish, i really like them, plus they will be really good for the winter!
i bought these three nailpolishes
Dior: Bronze Libertine ( it is so freaking gorgeous! <3
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Invisible ( it's such a good top coat!)
H&M nailpolish: Going to the Opera ( this red colour is so pretty!)
go to THIS SITE and you will be able to see the dior bronze libertine nail polish more closely
i also bought this lip balm from H&M:

 (sorry for the crappy picture, i took like 100 pictures of this ring and it always came out blurry so i gave up haha) this ring i bought in Bik Bok, i really like it it's really pretty
 it looks like this on the side ( i really like the pattern it's really pretty!)
 i also bought this necklace in H&M( haha i tried to turn it into a heart, but as you can see it failed hihi)
and then i bought these shorts long time ago i just forgot to post it ( i bought it after i came from Croatia)
they were on sale in Cubus
i took this picture on cameroid, because the camera in my computer doesn't have a timer)
 i also forgot to post this one, my mom bought it for me long time ago she made me clean my room and said that there was a surprise for me after i was done, and i was so happy when i saw this! <3 the boxes are so pretty!. i love my mom <3
 it's like this on the side ( the eiffel tower is on this side, if you can see it there)
haha i needed a trash can and i found this one haha , there were no others and i thought this one was cute
ok, so my mom went to Croatia for a week, she had to do something, and she asked me if i wanted anything, so i asked for a book and a Croatian/Serbian magazine to read ( i asked for the fourth book from the Vampire Academy in English because i already owned the first three),her battery died while i was explaining and she bought me 1-4 VA books IN Croatian haha!, i don't really mind it will be great to read them also in Croatian!, also i love her for buying me more than one book <3
 here are the books in English and Croatian haha!
i asked her to buy me one magazine in Croatian/Serbian and she brings me these <3
it's a Serbian Elle, Cosmopolitan,Grazia,JOY,HELLO! and Croatian Gloria, i canĂ°t wait to start reading these!
 i went through my old magazines and i found these posters and i just had to hand them up ( i especially love the Ian Somerhalder on the beach poster! *-*)i got three of these in a Norwegian magazine called topp and two from Croatian magazines called OK! and teen( the Ian poster is from teen)
i made a post once about a giveaway for a ri2k phone case and i forgot to tell you all that i won it!! i won the yellow one and i am in love with it!
 i thought it would look weird with my purple phone, but no it didn't, i actually like it!


  1. Nice haul, the cars trash made me laugh hehe (:
    The key necklace reminds me og key and jonghyun <3

  2. I love everything you got especially the hats & dress <3

  3. that's a gorgeous lace dress!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  4. As always I love your hauls:)