Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The EMA's

Hey guys!
So the other day were the MTV EMA‘S and i was watching it and i wanted to make a post about it, which were my favorite performances,which Selena Gomez outfits were my favorite, and which red carpet look i loved and which i didn‘t and stuff like that , so i will start

 On the pink carpet
I really liked Selena‘s first dress by Marcesa, i didn‘t like it at first sight but after i saw it more i loved it!,
I also really liked Jessie J‘s whole Pink Carpet look, the dress! (it was by Dolce&Gabbana) , the hair and the makeup!, she looked amazing!.

 One thing that i thought was weird was seing David Hasselhoff there haha! , i didn‘t know he was still doing stuff.

I also thought that Bruno Mars and the gang were so cute on the Pink carpet in those pink suits! Haha, i‘ve also never seen it before but Bruno Mars is really cute! Haha

The weirdest outfit on the Pink Carpet was definitely the Jeremy Scott‘s Gold outfit!, omg i laughed out loud!, it was just so weird!, when my mom saw it, she laughed too

I also really loved Selena‘s second outfit!
Before the ema‘s i have had never head the song from lmfao, i first heard it on the ema‘s, and i gotta say i really love it!, and the performance was awesome!, i really liked it!

One thing that annoyed me was the commercials!, they were too often and too long, it was like the commercials were longer than the show!

I really liked that 4th dress that Selena wore also, it was really cute!
And lol at gaga‘s outfit!, but i gotta say i was expecting something crazier! Haha

The Bruno mars – marry you performance was also awesome! I really liked  it, and i love that song!

I also really loved the Jessie J – Price tag performance, but i did‘t really like that jumpsuit that she was wearing at the performance

That golfing outfit that Selena wore was really cute!

Also this dress

I really loved Selena‘s performance outfit!

And what she wore after it ( yellow shirt glittery pants)
And that streaking thing was hilarious!, my mom was brushing our dogs hair(lol), and when she looked up, she was like oh my god! Haha! 

I really liked that Amy Winehouse tribute part <3

I thought it was pretty funny that Big Bang won , because i used to love them, i was a big fan but not anymore, so it was weird to see them up there, if this would have happened a few months ago i would have screamed in happiness haha!

i really loved the Queen performances with adam lambert 

i don't really know who Irina Shayk is lol but i loved the dress that she wore!
 i really hated Katy Perry EMA's look:


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  2. BIG BANG!! <3 hehe
    I like the outfits (Y)

  3. Selena Gomez looked gorgeous, and I just love LMFAO.
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  7. as if selena got changed that many times! and loving the pink suits bruno mars is awesome :) and hope you find your perfect peter pan collar blouse!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  8. That Bruno Mars preform ans was great. Amy Winehouse was an amazing singer,Valerie is my favorite song .

  9. @Maya: yea i agree!, my favorite is also Valerie and i really loved Rehab