Sunday, 27 November 2011

Haul,New Computer and favorite nailpolishes

Hey guys! :)
i have a haul for you today!, i also have another post coming up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, not sure when i will put it up, anyway il start on the haul!

also i want to say i'm sory that some of these pictures aren't the best, but i am working on it, i am saving up for a good camera ( this one is my mom's and i also took some pictures from my new computer)

first we went to H&M, and looked through some stuff that was on sale ( this was like 3 weeks ago or something) and this is what i bought from H&M

i bought these mittens, i thought they were realy cute, and they were on a sale so they didn't cost much
 and then i found this sweater , it's warm and i really like it, it cost 100 NOK
 my mom found this scarf first, and then luckily i found another one so i bought it, i really wanted a scarf like this for a long time <3, and it cost like 20 NOK ( it was on sale)
 and now my favorite <3, it's this dress, its black and gold, and it's really pretty, i am in love with it <3 plus it was 50 NOK!!!

and then we went to some other stores, and didn't find much there, so we went to Bik Bok and i found some stuff there

i bought this shirt and it was 49 NOK, it has elbow patches, i really wanted a shirt like that for a long time!
 i couldnt take a better picture sorry, but this shirt looks better when you see it in real life than on picture.
 and then i bought these red leather shorts in Bik Bok for 49 NOK also (were on sale), and this sheer button up shirt i bought in Cubus, i just really liked these two together :) .

 i bought these knee high socks in Bik Bok, i really liked the bow, plus it was on sale
and then i got a new computer!, which i am really happy about!, it's a Samsung Notebook here are the pictures
it's pink and white <3

also lately i've been into sparkly nails, and i wanted to show you my favorite nailpolishes (i use 2 , one is red and the other is sparkly)

i wasn't sure that it would look good together because one is red the other is sparkly purple, but after i was finished i fell in love with it <3 , and i will be wearing it a lot this winter! 

the nailpolishes that i am using are Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nr 90 - Brick Wall, it's a really dark red colour, the other one is essence nail art special effect topper nr 01 - it's purplicious, i also put a top coat on top and it was the Sally Hansen Hard as nails 01- invisible, it didn't chip for 4-5 days, which i thouhgt was pretty impressive
 it looks kind of crappy on this picture haha, i took like 100 pictures and this was the only one that wasn't blurry, so i just put this one, but it's much much prettier when you see it in real life, i don't really like the way it looks on this picture, i just wanted to show you how it looks
( my hands look really dry here, i haven't been using my hand creams lately haha, but after seeing this, i am definitely puttin a lot on! haha)


  1. I love that dress , looks great on you

  2. @Maya: thanks! , i really love it

  3. Nice haul ^-^
    The dress looks awesome!
    and the high sock looks adorable :P
    i want a new laptop :C

  4. Krizz: thanks! , yeah i really love it <3, the socks also!