Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blogger style favorites nr 4.

Hi everyone, i was just looking around and got an idea to do a post about my favorite bloggers style, ( like i will choose 4 favorite girls whose fashion style i just love).

All of these pictures are taken from her blog, none of these photos are mine!.

First she is a Norwegian blogger, and her name is Ulrikke Lund.I really love her style, she isn't afraid to wear all kinds of different clothes. She writes in Norwegian so you wouldn't be able to understand, but you can still look at the clothes <3. her blog url is http://ulrikkelund.com/

- Ulrikke Lund
i will put up pictures of a few of my favorite outfits from her
i am really loving this jacket that she is wearing here:

i am really loving this outfit!:

She worked as a stylist in asos:

love these outfits!:

this outfit is not really one of my favorites, but i really like it
and that was my 4th favorite, the next one i will show tomorrow ( there will be 4)