Sunday, 29 January 2012

A quick OOTD

hey guys, i have been a little busy lately and me and some stuff happened, so that is why i haven't been posting anything, but i am going to the movies to see lion king 3D with a friend lol and i wanted to do a quick OOTD

it seems like i always wear this cardigan or t-shirt lol, but i haven't worn it in like 3 months or somtething, so this is my OOTD

ok so, i bought this red scarf on a sale in Kappahl it was on 50 NOK, this t-shirt i bought in H&M long time ago, and this cardigan in Bik Bok, i think it was on 199 NOK or less i forgot.

these jeggings were bought in H&M, they were my sisters but she forgot them here so i have kind of been using them (lol) but i really love them <3 
 and this jacket over everything, i bought it in iclenad a year and a half ago, i think the name of the store is either galleri or galleri 17 ( and yes galleri not gallery)
for accessories i didn't put on much, i only wore these stackable rings that i bought in H&M ( both on different hands. these:
 and these:
for makeup i only wore something natural, something i wear everyday, i am kind of thinking about doing a post on it, and show you how my everyday makeup routine is ( i wear pretty much the same makeup to school everyday, except i sometimes wear eyeliner and sometimes i skip it. but when i go shopping or somewhere else i try on something new).

anyway that was it,i have a haul coming up soon, it was supposed to be up like a week ago, but i got a little busy and forgot to do it, so it may be up tommorow.If not, it will be up someday this week.

hope you all had a great weekend -xo