Sunday, 15 July 2012


hi everyone, i went shopping on Thursday and Friday so i though i would share with you what i bought ( i will do the big haul after this one, i just wanted to do this one first so that the big haul won't be bigger haha :) )

i bought this pink blazer in H&M, i have been looking for a cute blazer that fits me nicely in so long, you have no idea how long, and i finally found this one and lucky me it was on sale!, so i bought it.

 and then i found this cute little vest, that was also on sale, i don't remember the name of the store because i don't really go there alot

 and then i bought these wedges that were also on sale, i thought they were really cute, there were black ones also, but i own so many black wedges that i decided to buy the white ones, and i love them, they are so comfy to walk in :), i bought them in a shoe store here called din sko

 i needed eye cream so i bought this Nivea one, i can't really do a review right now, since i just bought it haha.
 bought this cute little purse in Lindex and it was on sale too <3
 there were 2 for 1 sales in this store here called Kappahl so i bought these two bags.
 this one i have wanted for so long, but i wasn't sure if i should buy it and when i went on friday, it was on sale AND it had 2 for 1 so i was so happy <3
 the main reason why i loved it is the inside <3
 i really needed a belt so i bought this one that was on sale, but it's too big
 i bought two of these cheap monday jeans that were on sale except the other are black. but i kind of got them a little dirty, so i decided not to take a picture, but they are the same as this ones just black haha.
anyway that was my short haul, i am really happy about all the things i bought <3, and the big haul will come soon, :) and like i said it will be in 3 parts, the part that is coming up is 1:makeup and skincare.


  1. I'm sure you'll wear that blazer a least I know I do. It's such a great basic piece which you can mix & match with many outfits. And that first bag, the brown one, is my fave - it's really cute! Great haul, I hope you enjoy everything you've got :)
    Oh, and let me know how that Nivea eye cream works for you (also tweeted you this).

  2. I'm loving blazers at the moment! :)

    Chelle x