Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

all the pics in this post i found on weheartit,  none of them are mine. 

hola!, i wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, i wish you the best in 2013, and i hope everyone is home safe!

i had dinner with my family, and had some fun with my sister ( she lives in Iceland, and i was so glad that she came, I'll be really sad when she leaves on January 3rd) we did some fireworks and watched other people's, and i ended the night in watching my two yummy brothers Sam and dean in supernatural haha.

well, I'm going to go watch supernatural again ( I'm so hooked, and i got my sister to love it too *score* ), and i just had to put this picture on here haha!.


  1. Happy New Year , wish you all the best

    1. thank you!, same to you!, and i wish you the best with your baby!!