Saturday, 23 February 2013

50 Facts about me, Part 1

i saw some bloggers do this and i decided to do it too, if anyone is interested in reading it:)

1. I have an older sister who is i think 23 or 24
2. I am really bad with remembering age haha, even if it's my sister
3.I love reading and have loved it since i was very young, there wasn't a time when i didn't like reading, i used to stay in the library for hours and just read.
4. I was born in Croatia ( i am Croatian)
5 I lived a little in Croatia and a little in Serbia, a lot in Iceland and now i live in Norway ( i think I've been here for two and a half years or three years)
6. I would love to live in London
7. My favorite places in the world are Croatia, France and London
8. My birthday is on the 5th February
9. I am 20 years old
10. I was born at exactly 05:15 on 5th February lol

11. I've never dyed my hair ( well i did once put stripes in, but i hated it and never did anything like that again haha)
12. I used to be obsessed with the band Tokio Hotel ( ok maybe not obsessed, but i did love them a lot, i still have all my posters, cd's and dvd's haha)
13. I went through an emo phase and oh god do i regret that now! haha
14. I went to Paris and i don't have any pictures of my self there ( my dad has a few, but i hate them, it was when i cut my hair it was really short and i had the blond stripes and i just looked like a train wreck haha).
15. I used to love reading Manga
16. Even though i don't like the book anymore, i will always be thankful for Twilight, because of that book i found some of my favorite books ever like Vampire Academy, Mortal Instruments and many more.
17. I buy way to many lipsticks
18. Also shoes and clothes
19. My best friend Sara says that i am a shopaholic lol
a picture of me and my best friend Sara, we were like 14 or something here
20. I recently started writing in a diary and so far it's going well.
21. I also started writing a fanfiction, so far i have 5 chapters up, I'm still trying to learn to write so i am not 100% happy with it
22. I recently got new glasses, but i think they made my eyes even worse lol
23. I used to love watching Totally Spies and Martin Mystery and i will always love it, i still watch it sometimes ( not ashamed haha) other cartoons too.
24. I used to say that i would never get a phone with a touch screen, i said that i hated it, but i got my samsung galaxy s3 and i love it, it's the best thing ever ( i thank the gods that i didn't but an iphone)
my stepdad bought iphone 5 and i tried it, and i just don't like it at all ( but i am not one of those people who judge apple users lol)
25.Norwegian Easter eggs are the most delicious thing i have tasted ( candy wise)


  1. So interesting reading facts about you:)

    1. thank you hahs, i still need to think of 25 facts, it's a little hard haha.

  2. Nice 50 facts about you. Wow, you've been to many countries. That's good. I hope to do some globetrotting someday too. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    Kaykay @ The Creative Forum

    1. I've been to way more countries than i listed, i love traveling!, i hope you do :), it's so great to go to other countries and experience a lot.

      no problem and thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)

  3. My god i laught so much ! This was sooo funny,
    Love your Blog ! <3