Friday, 1 March 2013

Cover reveal for Isla and the happily ever after!! and other new covers

Hola!, i just saw today that there were new covers of Anna and the french kiss, Lola nad the boy next door and Isla and the happily ever after and i love them!!!!, so so pretty and here they are

Anna and the french kiss:

Lola and the Boy next door:

Isla and the happily ever after!!!!

i just love them!!, i think they are so pretty, and i can't wait to buy them ( thank god that i didn't buy the other versions because i totally am in love with these!)

i got the pictures from EW HERE and Stephanie Perkins also made a blog post on it on her page HERE

Do you like the new covers ? or do you hate them ? or just don't care ? haha


  1. Hello, nice blog!
    I like these covers, they have an elegant and vintage look.
    I'm your new GFC follower form Goodreads, here is the link to mine's
    Hope you'll follow back :) *everyone loves new followers*

    1. hi, thank you! :)
      yeah, i can't wait to buy them <3 haha
      thank you for following me, i will definitely check out your blog and follow, thank you again for following me :)