Wednesday, 30 October 2013

50 facts about me, part 2 i did this post a few months ago it was 50 facts about me tag and i decided to do it in two parts so that it wouldn't be too much in one post...but i never finished the other half so here is the other half of my 50 facts about me tag ( if you want to see past one just click HERE
26. I am addicted to Candy, doesn't matter what candy, if it's candy i'll eat it
27. I have tried going on a diet so many times but i am such a failure haha
28. I decided to start going to the gym again everyday starting tomorrow so let's hope that works out!
29. I haven't talked to my best friend in 6 months (she was my best friend for 7 years or something i am not sure).. we had a fight and haven't talked since
30. I really miss her, but i don't know what to do..
31. I love One Direction
32. I am a Niall girl
33. I love playing League of legends, but i hate the trolls in that game, some people can be very annoying.
34. I love playing games, my favorites include  Bioshock 1, Bioshock Infinite, Portal 1, Portal 2 (normal and co op), and some more.
35. I love older music ( Elvis, The Beatles, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Queen, and a lot more)
36. I used to dislike twitter but recently i can't live without it
37. I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S all seasons over 20 times, it's my favorite show ever, and every time i feel lonely or depressed i put on friends and laugh instantly, it cheers me up like nothing else.
38. I used to carry my favorite book everywhere because i was afraid that someone might break into the house and steal that book, so i just took it with me everywhere.
39. That book was Twilight... lol (don't judge me, my sister gave it to me and it was very precious to me).
40. I have never seen lord of the rings, and the reason is that i want to finish reading the books first.
41. I can watch cartoons all day everyday, i will never get too old for cartoons
42. I can't go anywhere without my phone, i am so addicted to it that it's not okay.
43. I have a journal that i write in at times, sometimes i write down my feelings and sometimes i just write quotes, it has everything in there.
44. I want a tattoo on my rubs under my boob or on my wrist, something small and classy.
45. I can get upset very easily, if someone teases me about something i will find it funny unless you take it too far, then i will get upset.
46. Hero by Enrique Iglesias was my favorite song when i was little, i said to myself that if any guy ever sings that song to me, i will love him forever haha.
47. I have over 200 books, and have been addicted to buying them lately, i can't go out anywhere without buying a book.
48. When i like something (food, song, movie, show) i will eat, listen, watch it until i get sick of it and i hate that haha.
49. I used to collect scarfs, and i have a ton of them.
50. I love movies from the 1950's


  1. this was fun reading even though i knew alot of them hehe
    i really think you should just talk to you best friend, just try saying hi or how are you or something like that :)

    1. who are you and how did you know a lot of them :O ??, heheheh joke

      it's not as easy hehe, if she wanted to talk she would have, long time ago hehe

    2. when we didn't talk for a month or more i always wanted to try saying something to you but i thought maybe you didn't want to talk, but then i decided to just say hi to you and then it ended up well :D

    3. yeah but this is kind of different, i don't know how but it is :/, i might try it but yeah i don't know, maybe I'm not ready yet.