Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Costumes

Hey everyone!, i wanted to do a Halloween costume post in case if someone doesn't know what to dress up as and needs some inspiration, also i got these costumes of a costume store none of them are mine.

I love the 1920's and i would have loved to dress up as a flapper girl if i had gone to a Halloween party, but sadly i will be at home watching movies...haha

If i had a bf or if i knew anyone in Norway, i would have loved to have gone as Harry and Lloyd from dumb and dumber

If you are looking for a couple costume you can always dress up as Fred and Wilma, it's a very easy to DIY too if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

I always wanted to dress up as a storm trooper and i found this costume which i liked but i am not really feeling the shoes haha, also a power ranger (i just put the red power ranger because i didn't want to put all of them in).
Elvis (love him), or I'm Popeye the sailor man tu tu. I love Elvis, i listen to him all the time, i even have books about him, and Popeye was something i watched ever since i was little! i miss those times, i even have DVDs of old Popeye cartoons, Also to girls that are reading this - just because some of these are men's costumes doesn't mean you can't wear it!.
I feel like you don't have to always dress sexy you can also be something funny, people will love it!, i also feel like there are way to many slutty nurses or slutty something, i would rather dress like something unique and funny than slutty (i have nothing against people that like to dress that way though, i just wouldn't, i did once and i felt so uncomfortable). Here you have an Ostrich costume, Sulley and Waldo (if you ever meet someone who you want to hide from he or she will never find you because you're Waldo! haha).
I thought this Alan from the Hangover costume was hilarious so i included it, i also love this doc costume from back to the future was pretty cool.
and lastly my favourite super hero!, i love this costume i would rather wear this one than the one wonder woman is supposed to have, i love that it's more closed up, also the one in the red boots is better in my opinion.

There are a lot of costumes that i loved and i couldn't include all of them or this post would never end! haha,

What costume will you be wearing this Halloween ?, or if you aren't going anywhere what would you want to wear if you were going to a party ?

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  1. nice blog :P
    i would really want to wear a storm trooper outfit.
    i'm invited to a party but i don't know what to wear :(