Tuesday, 22 October 2013

L'Occitane en Provence

Last year when my mom went to Croatia she bought me this cute little bag with L'occitane products inside, and i thought of doing a review since i loved them so much (before this i had only tried hand, foot and body creams from them which i loved), i have used a lot of it,and I've been trying to use it sparingly since i am almost out and that sucks ( don't you hate it when you get a present from someone that is something you can't get where you live, or is out of your budget and you feel like you want to use it so badly but you don't want it to run out ? haha, if that makes any sense)

1. Shampoo - I love this scent, it's seriously my favourite scent right now and my favourite shampoo, i don't have to use a lot for it to clean my hair, which i love ( usually i use a lot, but i feel like this shampoo works really well for my hair)

2. Conditioner - like the shampoo i feel like it works wonders to my hair, it feels softer and shinier, and smells amazing

3. Shower oil - The first time i used this i was weirded out since i didn't know exactly how to use it, but after using it for a while, i really like it, i think i might like it better than just shower gel's or other stuff, plus like the shampoo and the conditioner the scent is lovely

5. Ultra Rich Body Lotion - I have dry skin, and sometimes it's very dry, i feel like L'occitane body lotions work great on my skin (yes i have had others before this one, me and my mom love them), If you have dry skin i really recommend L'occitane, it works wonders on my skin.

6. Mini Hand Cream - I got this tiny hand lotion in the bag too, i have a lot of these L'Ocitane hand creams, i even have the big sized ones, like i said before i have dry skin, and this Hand cream works better than any other hand cream i have tried ( and i have tried a lot)

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