Monday, 28 October 2013

New in!

My mom recently came back from Croatia and she asked me if i wanted something, so i told her that if she found a one direction CD that would be great, if not then buy me a lipstick, and she got both for me i was so happy, I've been a one direction fan for a while now, and i wanted a CD very badly but I've never found one here, so i was literally jumping up and down when she gave me the CD and lipstick!, also she brought back a lot of candy... i feel sorry for my teeth...haha, but first i will show you what i got at the library today, i am very happy about it.

I got two DVDs, first is a movie i have never seen, i have heard a lot of great things about it though, and i decided that this year i will definitely watch it, it is time! haha. The other is season 1 and 2 of Seinfeld, every time i was on vacation in Croatia before i went to sleep on t.v they showed Seinfeld and i watched a lot of it and really wanted more because i thought it was really funny.

Then i got these two books, the first one is where rainbows end by Cecelia Ahern, but now thinking about it i feel like i should have gotten P.S i love you rather because i loved the movie and wanted to read the book, i might go back to the library tomorrow and exchange them and get this one another time. The second one is a book that i saw in a review on blogger's bookshelf and was really interested in reading it, as you can see on the picture the name of the book is Feed by Mira Grant.

Now on to the lipstick and CD i got
She got me the Take me home CD, i love it!!, too bad i can't see much of Niall thought he is my favourite haha.

this is the lipstick she got me ( i have mentioned essence quite a lot i think, either on my blog or in real life, because i love their Eyeshadows, if you haven't tried them you should!) This lipstick is in 03-Dare to wear, and the moment i put it on my lips i fell in love, i just love this colour!, i will do a review on it once I've worn it more

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