Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wishlist: Shoes

I've been looking a lot at shoes these days and craving so many of them!, i wanted to show some of them to you (not all of them are winter shoes i know that, but it doesn't have to be summer to be looking at summery shoes! haha). One last thing, if you want to check these shoes out on the site i put the links under the shoes just in case.

I've been wanting more cute, feminine, classy shoes and i really liked these two, especially the nude ones, i have been meaning to buy nude heels for a while now, i really like the way they look on.
Nude Shoes                                                                                  White Shoes

I fell in love with these two boots when i saw them, but when i saw the prices my face literally fell :/
Michael Kors Shoes                                                                                ChloĆ© Shoes

These Red booties are so freaking pretty but like the others out of my price range, so for now all i can do is stare and drool...stare and drool :/ haha
Red booties                                                                                  Converse

and last but not least these blue Glamazon shoes by Nelly, i think they are really pretty and when you have a plain outfit these shoes would make it look better instantly, with some cute jewelry

Blue Shoes


  1. I love the converse! They're amazing!

    Bethany Paige ( X

    1. yeah i have been wanting those pair for a while! <3

  2. I nominate you!
    The Liebster Award on my blog,

    Let me know when you complete it so I can read! :)