Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas (2)

Hey guys, I really enjoyed doing my last Christmas Party Ideas post so i decided to make another one!, hopefully you guys will like it!

First one is:
Christmas Party 3
Dress - Dorothy Perkins - I saw this dress and i thought it was really cute, i always wanted a dress with a peter pan collar so i decided to make an outfit with this dress.
Tights - - I really think that these burgundy tights would look cute with this dress, i saw a girl wear it like this once and i just loved it!.
Boots - - I am not sure about these boots for this outfit, i like them one second and the other I'm like meh.., and in the end i decided to go with them because i think they are cute.
Purse - Debenhams - I just love this purse it is so cute and i think it would look lovely with this dress.
Watch - Kate Spade - Look how cut this sparkly watch is!, I am so in love with it! I decided to put it in here to just you know give a little sparkle haha.
Black studs - JcPenney - I just decided to go with black simple studs after a long time of thinking which earrings i would wear if i could wear this outfit.
Makeup: My favourite look to wear is the nude eye or gold eyeshadow and Red lips, you can never go wrong with that look!.
Hair: I wanted to have the hair up with this look because i think it would look cuter.

Second one: For someone who doesn't really enjoy wearing dresses
Christmas party 4

Sweater - - If any one wears this sweater hopefully your co workers or friends will understand what this sweater is all about and won't get offended! haha, I just love this Christmas sweater i want to buy it, and when i saw it i just had to make a look with it
Pants - Topshop - I would wear either these black pants or darker blue ones with this sweater, i wouldn't wear tights because i feel like pants would be much better.
Boots - - These boots are kind of expensive, but i really like the look of them, and if you guys have been following me and reading my posts i have been wanting Brown riding boots for a while now, and these are really cute and i think they would look cute with this outfit.. i might be wrong though haha, It's always different online than in real life.
Purse - Dailylook -  I wasn't sure what kind of purse i would wear with this outfit ( maybe i would just skip the purse in general but i decided to put this purse in because i really like it, but it can always be skipped)
Watch and Bracelets - Dorothy Perkins - I have been really loving watched lately and i thought that this combo would look really cute with this outfit.
Hat - - The hat can always be skipped of course, but if it's cold where you are like it is where i am then i would definitely recommend a hat ( and a coat of course, i don't know why i didn't put a coat in these two looks haha)
Makeup - With this look i thought the makeup look would look better more simple and girly, no red lipstick, just a peachy pink lip gloss
Hair - I love seeing girls wear these big sweaters and having their hair in a side braid, and i really liked this look on Taylor Swift and decided to put it with this look.

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