Monday, 25 November 2013

Favourite "Ugly" Christmas Sweaters

I know, i know, It's not even Christmas!, but i am in such a jolly mood and i want to do so many Christmas themed posts, I can't help it, I mean it's the most wonderful time of the year!

And yesterday when i was making that Christmas Party outfit idea post I found these awesome Christmas sweaters that i loved, so i thought of making a post with my favourite Christmas sweaters!

Favourite "Ugly" Christmas Sweaters

Reindeer Sweater -
Merry Christmas ya filthy animal (line from home alone) sweater -
Santa's my homie sweater - 
Blue Sweater -
White Reindeer sweater (it says it's out of stock though) -
Last sweater is a designer one from burberry

If you are interested in any of the sweaters, just click the links and it will take you where you can check them out better 

Do you like wearing Christmas sweaters ?, which one is your favourite ?


  1. I have an ugly Christmas sweater party to go to this year , all the sweaters I have found are so pretty hehe.. Where are these from? Thanks for posting! Need all the ideas I could possibly get!


    1. That's cool, i wish i had that kind of a party to go to!, i only have a Christmas party where i have to dress formal haha.

      I put the links up under the sweaters, i totally forgot to do that!, so thank you for asking, i hope you find the perfect sweater, and if you do i hope you make a post about it because i would love to see it!