Monday, 2 December 2013

Blogmas Day 2 - Favourite Lip Products

Hey everyone, i haven't done a post about makeup in a while and I've been loving so many lipsticks and two lip glosses lately that i wanted to share them with you!, and p.s i feel like this post should be turned into a drinking game, drink every time i say Favourite haha!.

Isa Dora Mini lipstick in 47 summer red - I really love this shade of red, It's not my favourite but i wear it every time i want a more bolder red colour.
Loréal Paris Caresse in 102 Romy, This is one of my favourite lipstick/gloss i love the texture, the colour, the fact that it stays on for a long time, and that it's not sticky, it's just perfect, i wish they came out with much more shades!.
Essence Stay matt lip cream (i lost the tag thing that was on it so i don't know which shade this is, sorry), i wore this one a lot over the summer and i have only one complaint and it's that it gets off really easily and gets in your teeth, but i really loved wearing it, it looks really pretty, i might change my mind later on though haha.
Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in 550 Cherry Candy - This is my favourite red lipstick, it's not too dark, and if you just started wearing red on your lips or are too scared to wear a darker colour this is perfect for you, this lipstick got me more confident in wearing more darker or brighter colours.
Maybelline Colour Whisper in 530 who wore it Redder - Don't believe the name, it's actually not a red shade, it's a soft/medium shade of pink, and this is another one i wore a lot this summer, i think i wore this one almost every day, it is perfect for summer (but just because it's winter it doesn't mean you can't wear pink shades, wear anything you want whenever you want, whatever you like, doesn't matter if others don't like it, the most important thing is that you like it and want to wear it)
Dior Addict Lipstick in 343 Miss Dior - Out of all of these lipsticks this is the one i wear the most, it is my favourite nude shade, and the only nude colour i actually like on me, all the others i have tried look terribly awful on me.
Essence Lipstick in 03 Dare to Wear - I recently got this one, my mom got it for me when when went to Croatia for a quick trip, and i have been loving it a lot lately, i haven't worn it all the time but i am slowly reaching out to this one more than the others.
Isa Dora Mini Lipstick in 154 Rosette - I love to pair this one up with the Loréal Caresse one, it is one of my favourite combos right now, it looks really pretty together.
Dior Addict Lipstick in 753 Fashion - The last one is another i got recently and i lost it, it made me really mad because it was my favourite one, It is honestly the best shade, It still hasn't disappointed me, but i can't say it's my favourite right now since i basically just found it again today, it was in my purse haha, and i haven't worn it since this summer.

Below is a picture of the shades on my hand, it is the same row as in the other picture and the text:

Not the most attractive picture of my hand, i was sleeping and apparently i fell asleep on my hand
and it wrinkled up or something, but since it is winter it get's pretty dark here in Norway really early, i had to take the picture then, because i really wanted to do this post today.

What are your favourite lip products right now ?

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