Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentines Day Outfits

Hey everyone since Valentines day is right around the corner and I don't have a date i thought I would show some outfits I would wear if I had a date ( not that I love Valentines day, i don't think you need one day to love someone and give them presents, that should be every day! haha.)

Outfit no 1
Valentines day 1
I love this dress, I find it so pretty and the moment i saw it I knew I wanted to make a outfit post with it, so here it is,
Dress - Jades24
Coat - Wallis
Shoes - Debenhams
Purse - Stylebop
Necklace - Wetseal
Ring - Betsey Johnson
Earrings - Topshop
Makeup - For this look i would wear something simple, nothing too bold
Nails - Just a French tip, again no bold colors

Outfit no 2
Valentines day 2
This outfit is more laid back, I think that out of the three outfits this would be the one i would wear, I am not sure if I 100% love that top with this outfit, I would be more confident if I could see it on myself and not on a picture.
Top - Cabionline
Coat - Fashionunion ( I adore this coat, I want it so much! haha)
Jeans - Nelly
Boots - American Eagle ( I wasn't sure if I should put boots or heels with this, but in the end I chose boots because that is what i would prefer to wear.)
Watch - Harvey Nichols (I love this watch, it's so lovely, I used to not like watches at all, but now all I want is to buy more pretty watches haha, i just love wearing them.)
Necklace - Mollie and Fred (I own one of these Pocket Watch Necklaces and I love it)
Makeup - with this I would wear a Simple smokey eye makeup, with red lipstick
Nails - either a french tip, or red nail polish

Outfit no 3
Valentines day 3
I wanted to make at least one outfit with a red dress because I love red dresses (but just because it's Valentines day doesn't mean that the color red is what you have to wear.)

Dress - Nastygal - i don't usually like to wear dresses that show a lot of cleavage, but there is something about this dress that I just adore.
Coat - Boohoo - I live in Norway so it's pretty cold here, so if I were to wear this dress I would definitely pick a more chunkier coat to keep me warm haha (and i love this coat, it looks so warm and comfy.)
Shoes - Lipsy
Clutch - DSW
Necklace - Wayfair (I feel like I wouldn't want any chunky jewelry with this outfit, just a nice and small and simple necklace.)
Makeup - Again Just something simple, not too much makeup, just light eyeshadow and a nude lipstick (or a peach one)

Which one of these is your favorite outfit ?
Would you change something about any of them ? 
Or do you hate all of them ? haha

I did this post on my own, i was not contacted or sponsored by any of these companies and online stores.

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  1. Nice outfits :P
    my favorite is the first one but i would change the dress and put some leggings or something since i don't like showing my legs lol