Thursday, 8 May 2014

Books I recommend if you are into: Fashion

Hey everyone, I wanted to do something new for my blog and I decided to do a recommendation post where recommend books to you for different things you might be into like Fashion, or Makeup, or if you are into Romance or more adult books and stuff like that.

I am thinking of doing this every week but I am not sure yet. 

My first post will be about Fashion, I have a lot of books that I love that are about fashion and I wanted to share them with you incase you were interested in buying any of these books but weren't sure yet if it was worth it.

The first book is Fifty dresses that changed the world.
I admit that the main reason that I bought this book was definitely because it had Audrey Hepburn on the cover (She is my absolute favorite actress)but once I opened the book I just fell in love.

It has a lot of beautiful dresses that did change the world (mainly fashion world haha), on one side there is a picture of the dress and on the other side they explain why this dress is so iconic and stuff like that and I just really enjoyed that.


If you go on that Amazon link you can have a sneak peak into the book.

The second one is Nina Garcia's What to wear for every occasion Look Book.

This one I bought a long time ago and feel like it really helped me out with what to wear and what not to wear for multiple occasions, If you know a lot about fashion and what you love then you don't really need this book, but if you aren't exactly confident and aren't sure what to wear when you go to some occasions, then I really recommend this book to you.



The third book is The teen Vogue hand book, An insider's guide to careers in Fashion. 
I bought this book when I was really interested in fashion and I wanted to work in fashion ( right now I have no idea what I want to do :/) and I feel like it has great tips for someone who want's to work in fashion, it helps you a lot and you learn a lot from this book in my opinion.

There is a quote in here that I really liked and wanted to share, It's by Natalie Massenet: With each job you have, you'll learn a skill to use for your next job. Every experience in your life goes on to shape who you are. Nothing is wasted.



The fourth book is Chanel Collections and Creations

I basically have no words for this book I really love it and I feel like everyone who loves fashion definitely should own this book, it is so gorgeous, it has beautiful pictures and it's just perfect.



The last book is Alexander Mcqueen: Savage Beauty

This one is my favorite out of all these books, It is so freaking beautiful I am having a hard time trying to come up with an explanation for this book haha.

It has the most beautiful collections if you are into fashion and art you definitely need this book, It is perfection haha.



So those are all the books that I have and wanted to share, if there are any that you love that I don't have on my list feel free to share and I will check it out

Do you own any of these books and do you like them ?

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