Sunday, 11 May 2014

How I spent my Saturday

Hey everyone I want to start blogging more about my daily life and try to do more ootd's since I haven't done one in a long time, I used to love doing that but for a while now my main theme was book reviews so I am trying to throw in more and different kinds of posts since this blog is not supposed to be only about book reviews and book stuff.
I don't take selfies a lot( and when I do, I take like a 100 and choose the one I hate the least lol) but since I put on makeup and made myself all purrty I wanted to take a selfie, and I quite like this one ( except for the fact that I look white like a ghost haha)

I wore my old leather jacket and I have no idea where it's from it used to belong to my sister but she gave it to me and now I wear it all the time.
The top that I am wearing is actually not a top, it's a dress that I got from H&M, I just love the way it looks as a top so i tucked it into my jeans lol and I quite like the way it looks.
The Jeans I am wearing are from B.Young
I have no idea where I got these boots, I forgot because I bought them a long time ago haha.

I went shopping with my mom (well more like just looking around because we weren't planning on buying anything (but I did and that will come later in the post), and after we were done we went to this café we always go to after we finish shopping and I got myself a mango smoothie ( which was delicious btw) and since I am trying to eat healthier I really hope this smoothie was healthy lol, if not then..oh well.

I didn't buy much at the mall only three things I really needed - a bikini, a beach bag, and pajamas ( all my other long pajamas have holes on them and I've worn all of them out, I really needed new pajamas haha.)
This is the bikini and the beach bag I got ( I never buy expensive beach bags because they get ruined in the sun and sand anyway so this bag was really cheap and it kind of matches my bikini so I got it)
The bikini I bought I got in Cubus, they had a sale on bikinis and I loved the way this one looked on me so I had to have it (there was also a yellow one with pink laces that I loved but I liked this one a little better)
These are the pajamas I got, sorry for the blurry picture, it has cute kitties and hearts on it haha.
After we came home from shopping we went on a nice bike ride around the lake ( I think it's a lake, I am not sure lol)

When I got home I could barely move ( I like running much more than biking) and took the best shower ever while my parents grilled a delicious meal
The meat on my plate that kind of looks like poop is Cevapi which is delicious (although it sucks that it looks like poop hahaha) and a potato, garlic bread, corn, and salad.

There was a lot more meat and other stuff I was just in the mood to eat this and after I finished that I got more because it was delicious haha.

So that is how I spent my Saturday, What did you do ?

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