Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Weight Loss and Fitness: My Progress

Hey everyone!
I started working out a while ago since I was so unhealthy and unhappy with myself I wanted to change. When I wasn't busy with something I had to do all I did was eat snacks, watch movies, and I laid on my bed all day ( hopefully I used laid right haha).

I wanted to change what I ate and what I did all day so I started eating healthier and I started running every day twice or three times a day and so far I am much happier and I feel so much better than I did before. My skin is better, I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier and feel amazing, so amazing.

I used to be 75 kg which is 165 pounds (correct me if I’m wrong)
Now I am 64 which is 141 pounds (again correct me if I’m wrong)
I lost: 11 kg and that is 24 pounds

I was so surprised that I lost that much in a month or less because I still do eat a lot, I eat 5 times a day and sometimes more, I do eat mainly healthy (sometimes I do cheat and eat a little snack, but that is totally okay!) and I drink more water than I used to.

I think the main reason why I lost so much weight so fast was because I stopped drinking cola and any other soda drinks, and I am so happy to be rid of that crap because every time I drank Cola I always felt horrible afterwards even though Cola is delicious and I had a hard time stopping.

Like I said earlier I have been running twice or three times a day and I have been loving it so much, I always feel amazing after a good run and I was one of those people who hated running with burning passion, but now I can't wait to go running every day, I wake up in the morning and look forward to running.

So far I have been taking it easy because I am afraid of over doing it and hurting myself, so I've been mainly running and lifting a little, also I have been doing a lot of Blogilates videos on Youtube ( you guys should really check her out she is amazing!

One more thing I wanted to talk about is that I tried on a skirt today that used to be really tight on me and guess what ? IT FITS! I am so happy about that because I really loved that skirt!

My new motto haha: 
Also in case you're interested I have a fitness Tumblr with a friend and it's:

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