Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Norway, December 2014

It snowed A LOT this December in Norway and I freaking loved it, I took so many photos while it was snowing my phone was really wet and thankfully it didn't get ruined. The best part about this trip was seeing my family, my dogs and going skiing, and since I had a lot of fun I wanted to show you guys some pictures (well, not of my family because I don't feel comfortable with that).

The day we went skiing (I went with my mom only since my step-dad just got home from work and he was too tired to go). It snowed a lot, if you look close at this picture you can see the snow, it was crazy, it never snowed this much any other times I've gone skiing, but the snow didn't bother me at all, I had my goggles on, had my hat and my scarf so I was good to go!, my mom on the other hand didn't think she needed the goggles so she didn't bring hers and she had to squint her eyes while she was going down the slopes hahaha (and I didn't give her mine because I wanted to teach her a lesson (am I a bad daughter ? lol).
This was probably my favourite day from the trip, we stayed a long time even after basically everyone left we still kept skiing, If I could have I would have skied all night!

The hardest part was leaving these two cuties (also my mom, we both cried at the airport hahah). Even looking at pictures of them makes me tear up because I miss them so much, I can't wait for summer til I can hopefully see them again.

That was my trip to Norway this December, I hope you enjoyed this post, I might do more blog posts like these while I am in Iceland (and yes I am back in Iceland, I came back on January 6th).

I moved to Iceland last year for school ( I also lived here for 10 years before I moved to Norway), and I will be here til June.

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