Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella

Series: Shopaholic series
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Romance, Humour, Chick lit
Books in series: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic Abroad, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic and Sister, Shopaholic and Baby, and lastly Mini Shopaholic.

Plot from first book: On the face of it, Rebecca Bloomwood has it all. Confident, single and happily living in des-res Fulham with her best friend Suze, she's a financial journalist who spends her days writing articles advising other people on the importance of budgeting and prudent investing. Her private life is a different story though; Rebecca manages her own finances in a way that would make most of her readers' hair curl--for Rebecca is a woman on a mission--she just can't stop spending.
Review: There are six books, The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic and Sister, Shopaholic and Baby, and last one is Mini Shopaholic.

I enjoyed this series quite a lot, I thought it was hilarious, fun, and just a very light read, sometimes I read these heavy books where you really need to think, and coming back to books like these which are light and funny is just great, but there were parts in some books where Rebecca annoyed me a little, it wasn't too bad though, she definitely made up for it. If you are looking for a light and fun read I would definitely recommend this series, I laughed non stop, but in Shopaholic and Baby I teared up quite a lot, if you read it you will know why, or maybe I am just a weirdo who cries at everything haha.

Stars: I give this series 4.5 stars out of 5, I definitely recommend it, even if you are not really into this kind of books you might end up liking it, or maybe Rebecca will just annoy you (because I've seen that she annoyed some people haha), i mean she did annoy me in a few parts but like i said before she totally makes up for it.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

50 facts about me, part 2 i did this post a few months ago it was 50 facts about me tag and i decided to do it in two parts so that it wouldn't be too much in one post...but i never finished the other half so here is the other half of my 50 facts about me tag ( if you want to see past one just click HERE
26. I am addicted to Candy, doesn't matter what candy, if it's candy i'll eat it
27. I have tried going on a diet so many times but i am such a failure haha
28. I decided to start going to the gym again everyday starting tomorrow so let's hope that works out!
29. I haven't talked to my best friend in 6 months (she was my best friend for 7 years or something i am not sure).. we had a fight and haven't talked since
30. I really miss her, but i don't know what to do..
31. I love One Direction
32. I am a Niall girl
33. I love playing League of legends, but i hate the trolls in that game, some people can be very annoying.
34. I love playing games, my favorites include  Bioshock 1, Bioshock Infinite, Portal 1, Portal 2 (normal and co op), and some more.
35. I love older music ( Elvis, The Beatles, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Queen, and a lot more)
36. I used to dislike twitter but recently i can't live without it
37. I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S all seasons over 20 times, it's my favorite show ever, and every time i feel lonely or depressed i put on friends and laugh instantly, it cheers me up like nothing else.
38. I used to carry my favorite book everywhere because i was afraid that someone might break into the house and steal that book, so i just took it with me everywhere.
39. That book was Twilight... lol (don't judge me, my sister gave it to me and it was very precious to me).
40. I have never seen lord of the rings, and the reason is that i want to finish reading the books first.
41. I can watch cartoons all day everyday, i will never get too old for cartoons
42. I can't go anywhere without my phone, i am so addicted to it that it's not okay.
43. I have a journal that i write in at times, sometimes i write down my feelings and sometimes i just write quotes, it has everything in there.
44. I want a tattoo on my rubs under my boob or on my wrist, something small and classy.
45. I can get upset very easily, if someone teases me about something i will find it funny unless you take it too far, then i will get upset.
46. Hero by Enrique Iglesias was my favorite song when i was little, i said to myself that if any guy ever sings that song to me, i will love him forever haha.
47. I have over 200 books, and have been addicted to buying them lately, i can't go out anywhere without buying a book.
48. When i like something (food, song, movie, show) i will eat, listen, watch it until i get sick of it and i hate that haha.
49. I used to collect scarfs, and i have a ton of them.
50. I love movies from the 1950's

IsaDora New Holiday Makeup

There are two looks in this collection as you can see in the photo one is cold (Silver and Pink) and the other is Warm ( with Gold and Red, i love this look a little more) You can find the collection here:

The products in this collection are:
IsaDora: Twist-up Eye Gloss glides onto the eyelids with a glossy translucent color and has a highlighting effect. The color blends easily and gives a sheer finish, or can be built up for a more medium coverage. In Shine Bright we present two shades:
01 Oyster and 02 Brown Sugar.

Me: I really like the 02 Brown sugar shade, i will definitely be trying that one and if i like it, i will purchase it

IsaDora: Our bestseller Perfect Moisture Lipstick is presented in the cold look in a new shade. The beautiful soft pink 130 Rose Chrome is creamy, moisturizing and gives your lips a luminous look.

Me: I usually wear darker colours, i feel like light pink ones don't fit me, but i might check this one out, it looks like a very nice shade on the photo.

Isa Dora: Let your lips shine with Moisturizing Lip Gloss.
The new shade 39 Pink Diamond has a soft pink shade and sparkles like you’re wearing diamonds on your lips.
It’s nourishing, moisturizing and suitable for dry and chapped lips.

Me: I don't wear sparkly lip glosses because it doesn't fit me at all, it does look like a nice shade if you like sparkly lip glosses

IsaDora: 49 Rock Red is the ideal lip product for those of you who’d like to have the perfect, red glossy lips this winter. Lip Chock is an innovative 3-in-1 product that works like lipstick, gloss and stain in one. It has an extreme pigmentation and color intensity and is extra long lasting.

Me: This looks like such a pretty shade, i will definitely be checking this one out when i see it!

IsaDora: IsaDora Perfect Lipliner can be used in three different ways: as a lip contour pencil, as lip fix or as a matt lipstick. In Shine Bright you can choose between 34 Vintage Pink and 31 Prime Red to get either a warm or a cool look on your lips.

IsaDora: Since we launched Twist-up Gloss Stick earlier this year, it has become a favorite among our dear customers. 08 Red Romance has a warm red color and soft creamy texture. This moisturizing lip filler gives you a caring and hydrating effect.

Me: I can't wait to try this one out!, it looks really lovely.

IsaDora: Our extra long lasting and quick drying nail polish Wonder Nail is presented in two new shades this collection. 775 Angel Wings is a white shade with sparkling pearl pigments
and 776 Crown Jewel is a metallic purple shade.

Me: I am loving shade 776 Crown Jewel, if you have been reading my blog you might know that i love Isa Dora wonder nail polishes, they are my favorite, they last long, look very pretty on, and i just love them

IsaDora: The perfect product for making a complete eye look. Eye Shadow Quartet contains four eye shadows that complements each other and is buildable. 93 Pinky Smoky Eyes is for the cold look and gives you the opportunity to get a smoky look using pink and purple shades. 94 Gold & Silver Smoky Eyes gives you a glamorous sparkly look when you do your smoky eyes.

IsaDora: A richly pigmented Cream Mousse Eye Shadow which is ultra light and creamy with a velvety finish. It gives a metallic and luminous effect. Choose between 22 Marble, 30 Galaxy and 32 Stardust for the perfect cold, sparkly look.

Me: I am not sure about these ones, i have never tried them, and i would be too afraid to spend money on them because i would be scared that they crease, so i am not sure about this product.
IsaDora: Twist-up Metallic Eye Pen gives you a sparkling, metallic color effect around your eyes and has a creamy texture. 58 Deep Black is perfect for the warm look, while the new shade 47 Pink Diamond suits the cold look.

IsaDora: Our special effect nail polish Sugar Nails creates a crushed surface with glitters and becomes matt when it dries. Choose between 100 Diamond Crush and 116 Gold Crush
for a sparkly effect.

Me: i might definitely check these out, they look perfect for  the holidays, or to wear to a Christmas party, i don't like a lot of sparkle, and i feel like if i wore these on the nails it would just be perfect!.

IsaDora: This is an eyeliner with a soft and creamy gel texture.Very easy to apply, it glides smoothly and precise over the eyelid without a crease and dries instantly. Waterproof and
long lasting, it stays put all day long without smudging. 01 Black is a classic and can be used all year long.

IsaDora: A mascara for extra long and well defined lashes with a superb hold all day long, no smudging or flaking. All Day Long Lash is very easy to remove due to its special formula, and thereby very gentle to your lashes during the removal. Can even be removed with lukewarm water. 20 Black

IsaDora: Small silver make-up purse with inner pockets at any purchase of 2 products from the Holiday Make-Up Collection 2013.

I am really liking this collection, like i said before i will definitely be checking out this collection and probably buying some of the products!. Do you like any of the Makeup shown above ?, would you buy anything from this line ?.

All the pictures and the description of the products were taken off the IsaDora site, none of it is mine.

Wishlist Wednesday (1)

Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop where we will post about one book per week that has been on our wishlist for some time, or just added (it's entirely up to you), that we can't wait to get off the wishlist and onto our wonderful shelves. It's hosted by Pen to Paper (just click the name and it will take you to her site).

Book title: Winter Wonderland
Author: Belinda Jones
Published: November 8th 2012
Genre: Romance, Holiday, Travel,
Pages: 297 (Paperback)

Plot: Imagine waking up in a snow globe...

That’s how travel journalist Krista feels when she arrives in magical Quebec to report on Canada's glittering Winter Carnival.

Over ten sub-zero days Krista's formerly frozen heart begins to melt as she discovers an enchanting world of ice palaces, husky dog-sledding and maple-syrup treats galore. And then she meets Jacques, a man as handsome and rugged as he is mysterious…

The two share a secret that could bond them forever, but can they find a way to break through the protective layers around their hearts to warm up this winter wonderland?

…let the snow-spangled adventure begin

Why: i have been wanting to read this book for a while but i am waiting for Winter, i love reading these kind of books during winter and Belinda Jones is one of my favourite authors every time i read her books i feel like i am there with the characters, she does such a great job in writing that you feel like it's happening to you and that you're there. I am so looking forward to getting this book you have no idea how much!.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

NOTD, and Favorite nail polishes for fall

Hey guys!, i haven't done a NOTD in a while now and since i painted my nails last night i needed to do it, but i changed the picture a little bit to make it more Halloween haha, also i wanted to share with you my favourite Nail polishes for fall time

I am currently wearing the Isa Dora Wonder nail in 720 Beetle green and i absolutely adore this colour, it's such a pretty shade of green, i just love seeing it on my nails.

First up is L'Oréal Paris Nail polish in 406 Burgundydiva
Then i have Maybelline New York Colo Rama (there is no name on it but i think the number is 145)
I have worn this nail polish the most during fall and it's Dior in 706 Bronze Libertine
And now we have my favourite sparkly Nail polish from Essie in 246 Leading Lady (it looks so lovely over a darker shade of red Nail polish)
After that i have Isa Dora Nail polish in 744 Ancient Ruby (the Essie one looks great over this one)
Isa Dora Nail polish in 720 Beetle Green (the one that i am currently wearing)
and lastly i have Isa Dora Nail polish in 743 Orient Express

What are your favourite Nail polishes for fall ?

Monday, 28 October 2013

New in!

My mom recently came back from Croatia and she asked me if i wanted something, so i told her that if she found a one direction CD that would be great, if not then buy me a lipstick, and she got both for me i was so happy, I've been a one direction fan for a while now, and i wanted a CD very badly but I've never found one here, so i was literally jumping up and down when she gave me the CD and lipstick!, also she brought back a lot of candy... i feel sorry for my teeth...haha, but first i will show you what i got at the library today, i am very happy about it.

I got two DVDs, first is a movie i have never seen, i have heard a lot of great things about it though, and i decided that this year i will definitely watch it, it is time! haha. The other is season 1 and 2 of Seinfeld, every time i was on vacation in Croatia before i went to sleep on t.v they showed Seinfeld and i watched a lot of it and really wanted more because i thought it was really funny.

Then i got these two books, the first one is where rainbows end by Cecelia Ahern, but now thinking about it i feel like i should have gotten P.S i love you rather because i loved the movie and wanted to read the book, i might go back to the library tomorrow and exchange them and get this one another time. The second one is a book that i saw in a review on blogger's bookshelf and was really interested in reading it, as you can see on the picture the name of the book is Feed by Mira Grant.

Now on to the lipstick and CD i got
She got me the Take me home CD, i love it!!, too bad i can't see much of Niall thought he is my favourite haha.

this is the lipstick she got me ( i have mentioned essence quite a lot i think, either on my blog or in real life, because i love their Eyeshadows, if you haven't tried them you should!) This lipstick is in 03-Dare to wear, and the moment i put it on my lips i fell in love, i just love this colour!, i will do a review on it once I've worn it more

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wishlist: Shoes

I've been looking a lot at shoes these days and craving so many of them!, i wanted to show some of them to you (not all of them are winter shoes i know that, but it doesn't have to be summer to be looking at summery shoes! haha). One last thing, if you want to check these shoes out on the site i put the links under the shoes just in case.

I've been wanting more cute, feminine, classy shoes and i really liked these two, especially the nude ones, i have been meaning to buy nude heels for a while now, i really like the way they look on.
Nude Shoes                                                                                  White Shoes

I fell in love with these two boots when i saw them, but when i saw the prices my face literally fell :/
Michael Kors Shoes                                                                                Chloé Shoes

These Red booties are so freaking pretty but like the others out of my price range, so for now all i can do is stare and drool...stare and drool :/ haha
Red booties                                                                                  Converse

and last but not least these blue Glamazon shoes by Nelly, i think they are really pretty and when you have a plain outfit these shoes would make it look better instantly, with some cute jewelry

Blue Shoes

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Stacking the shelves (1)

Hey everyone!, i saw so many people do this meme and since i do a lot of hauls i decided to join the fun!, i recently ordered books with my dad (he bought the books for me as a Christmas present) and i got to pick any books i wanted and i picked these (they still haven't arrived so i will use pictures from goodreads but i ordered the books from the book depository).

Book title: The Princess Bride
Author: William Goldman
Published: this edition was published October 8th 2007, and originally it was published in 1973.
Genre: Fantasy, Classic, Romance, Adventure, Humour
Pages: 456 (Paperback)

Plot: As Florin and Guilder teeter on the verge of war, the reluctant Princess Buttercup is devastated by the loss of her true love, kidnapped by a mercenary and his henchmen, rescued by a pirate, forced to marry Prince Humperdinck, and rescued once again by the very crew who absconded with her in the first place. In the course of this dazzling adventure, she'll meet Vizzini - the criminal philosopher who'll do anything for a bag of gold; Fezzik - the gentle giant; Inigo - the Spaniard whose steel thirsts for revenge; and Count Rugen - the evil mastermind behind it all. Foiling all their plans and jumping into their stories is Westley, Princess Buttercup's one true love and a very good friend of a very dangerous pirate.

Book title: Wild Cards
Author: Simone Elkeles
Published: October 1st 2013
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

After getting kicked out of boarding school, bad boy Derek Fitzpatrick has no choice but to live with his ditzy stepmother while his military dad is deployed. Things quickly go from bad to worse when he finds out she plans to move them back to her childhood home in Illinois. Derek’s counting the days before he can be on his own, and the last thing he needs is to get involved with someone else’s family drama.

Ashtyn Parker knows one thing for certain--people you care about leave without a backward glance. A football scholarship would finally give her the chance to leave. So she pours everything into winning a state championship, until her boyfriend and star quarterback betrays them all by joining their rival team. Ashtyn needs a new game plan, but it requires trusting Derek—someone she barely knows, someone born to break the rules. Is she willing to put her heart on the line to try and win it all?

Book Title: How to Ruin a summer vacation(book no 1)
Author: Simone Elkeles
Published: October 1st 2006
Genre: Young Adult, Romance Contemporary 
Pages: 234 (Paperback)


Moshav? What’s a moshav? Is it “shopping mall” in Hebrew? I mean, from what Jessica was telling me, Israeli stores have the latest fashions from Europe. That black dress Jessica has is really awesome. I know I’d be selling out if I go with the Sperm Donor to a mall, but I keep thinking about all the great stuff I could bring back home.
Unfortunately for 16-year-old Amy Nelson, “moshav” is not Hebrew for “shopping mall.” Not even close. Think goats, not Gucci.
Going to Israel with her estranged Israeli father is the last thing Amy wants to do this summer. She’s got a serious grudge against her dad, a.k.a. “Sperm Donor,” for showing up so rarely in her life. Now he’s dragging her to a war zone to meet a family she’s never known, where she’ll probably be drafted into the army. At the very least, she’ll be stuck in a house with no AC and only one bathroom for seven people all summer—no best friend, no boyfriend, no shopping, no cell phone…
Goodbye pride—hello Israel.

Book title: How to ruin my teenage life (book no. 2)
Author: Simone Elkeles
Published: June 8th 2007
Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 281 (Paperback)

Plot: In this sequel to How to Ruin a Summer Vacation, EVERYTHING in sixteen-year-old Amy Nelson Barak's life is going wrong! Her mom got married and moved to the suburbs, and now they are going to have a baby. Amy moves in with her dad in Chicago and signs him up for an online dating service. His first four dates are that night . . .
What else? Her dog Mutt impregnated her grumpy neighbour's prized poodle, so Amy will actually have to get a part-time job to pay for half the veterinary bill. And there's this totally annoying boy, Nathan Rubin, who just moved into her apartment building. Luckily, Amy has a cute boyfriend named Avi. Only he's more like a non-boyfriend considering Avi is in the Israeli army for the next three years.
What's a girl to do when everyone is conspiring to ruin her life?

Book title: How to ruin my boyfriend's Reputation (book no. 3)
Author: Simone Elkeles
Published: November 8th 2009
Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 257 (Paperback)
Plot: Amy Nelson-Barak, 17, is back in this third installment about a Jewish-American teen learning how to live and love in peace. She signs up for 10 days of training with the Israel Defense Force as soon as she finds out that her long-distance boyfriend, Avi, will be on base as well. But things turn out to be different from what she'd hoped for. She sleeps in a bunk bed underneath coils that look ready to give way, she's being worked to the bone, and the bathrooms are hardly up to her standards. Worst of all, Avi doesn't seem remotely thrilled that she's there. Is something going on between him and a fellow soldier? Strong, beautiful, and able to be with Avi all the time, Liron is everything Amy wants to be. Even though the plot is predictable, readers can't help but get drawn in by Amy's fun way of telling her story, and they learn a lot about Israeli teens' mandatory military service. Elkeles catches new readers up to speed in no time.

Those are the books that i got as you can see i bought a lot of Simone Elkeles books, that is mainly because she is one of my favourite authors right now, i have read the how to ruin series but i wanted to own the books and read them again, i was so excited to get them, also i just had to get her new book Wild Cards, i was looking forward to it coming out for a while and eeeep i can't wait to get it in my hands and read.

Have you read any of these books, if yes what did you think of them, if no would you consider reading any of them ?

Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Costumes

Hey everyone!, i wanted to do a Halloween costume post in case if someone doesn't know what to dress up as and needs some inspiration, also i got these costumes of a costume store none of them are mine.

I love the 1920's and i would have loved to dress up as a flapper girl if i had gone to a Halloween party, but sadly i will be at home watching movies...haha

If i had a bf or if i knew anyone in Norway, i would have loved to have gone as Harry and Lloyd from dumb and dumber

If you are looking for a couple costume you can always dress up as Fred and Wilma, it's a very easy to DIY too if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

I always wanted to dress up as a storm trooper and i found this costume which i liked but i am not really feeling the shoes haha, also a power ranger (i just put the red power ranger because i didn't want to put all of them in).
Elvis (love him), or I'm Popeye the sailor man tu tu. I love Elvis, i listen to him all the time, i even have books about him, and Popeye was something i watched ever since i was little! i miss those times, i even have DVDs of old Popeye cartoons, Also to girls that are reading this - just because some of these are men's costumes doesn't mean you can't wear it!.
I feel like you don't have to always dress sexy you can also be something funny, people will love it!, i also feel like there are way to many slutty nurses or slutty something, i would rather dress like something unique and funny than slutty (i have nothing against people that like to dress that way though, i just wouldn't, i did once and i felt so uncomfortable). Here you have an Ostrich costume, Sulley and Waldo (if you ever meet someone who you want to hide from he or she will never find you because you're Waldo! haha).
I thought this Alan from the Hangover costume was hilarious so i included it, i also love this doc costume from back to the future was pretty cool.
and lastly my favourite super hero!, i love this costume i would rather wear this one than the one wonder woman is supposed to have, i love that it's more closed up, also the one in the red boots is better in my opinion.

There are a lot of costumes that i loved and i couldn't include all of them or this post would never end! haha,

What costume will you be wearing this Halloween ?, or if you aren't going anywhere what would you want to wear if you were going to a party ?

Skin: Night time routine

First i take off my eye makeup with this Declaré eye contour bi-phase sensitive eye makeup remover for all skin types (and i only use this if i have makeup on) This eye makeup remover has been my favorite for a while it takes off my makeup very easily and doesn't leave anything out ( sometimes when i use other makeup removers i wake up with racoon eyes because it didn't get all of it off, and this eye makeup remover get's all of it).

Then i use my Garnier Pure Active Blackheads uprooting scrub which i commented on in my morning routine (saying that i loved it and a review is coming soon).

And next i use my Tea Tree face mask which i love, it's my favorite facemask so far (sometimes i change this mask and toner with the morning routine ones to just change it up a bit). I put it on my face, wait for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with cold or warm water. After i started using it i can definitely say that i noticed a very good difference in my skin.

After that i use my Tea Tree skin clearing toner (suitable for blemished skin). I love the tea tree stuff from the body shop, i think it smells so good, and this toner works so well for my skin sometimes when i break out this toner helps a lot.

Lastly i use this Ahava time to Hydrate Night Replenisher normal to dry skin, i actually stole this one from my mom (oopsie haha), and at first when i tried it i hated the scent i thought it was too much and over powering, but since i didn't have any night time creams i kept on using it and after a while i got used to the scent and now i don't mind it, i actually like it now, i would definitely repurchase this face cream (i also love the Nivea night time face cream, but i don't remember the name of it now :/).

Have you tried any of these products, if yes did you like them ?, if no would you want to try any of them ?.

Facebook Page

Hey everyone i made a facebook page today, it was harder than i thought it would be, i had no idea what i was doing haha, but i managed to do it right ( i think) and now if you want you can like my page i will link it down below

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Skin: Morning Routine

Today i have a morning skin routine for you guys, i do this practically everyday (i don't use all of them everyday sometimes i skip some of them because i like to change things up).

First i wash my face with Garnier Pure Active Blackheads uprooting scrub, i use this all the time even during night, i feel like it really cleans my face and it is a really good scrub, currently one of my favourites (but i won't give everything away since i will do a review on it soon).

And on some days when i have more time i use Formula 10.0.6 Deep down detox ultra-cleansing mud mask, so far i am liking this mud mask, i haven't used it a lot since i only use it when i have enough time, but so far so good.

Then i use Formula 10.0.6 So totally clean deep pore cleanser, this one i have been loving a lot, there is just one thing that i would complain about and that is the scent (i will get into that better in my review), but it doesn't bother me that much, it might bother others though.

After that i use my Declaré skinatura Balance and sooth SOS serum, i don't really know how i feel about this product it's 50/50, on some days i love it and on other days I'm like meh...

Lastly i use this Garnier Moisture Match Dry to Very Dry skin 24h nourishing rich cream, i recently got this one so it's new in my routine, i can't say much about it except that so far my skin is loving it, but if i wasn't using this cream i would be using any Nivea creams because Nivea has many of my favourite face creams that work really well for my skin.

- Have you tried any of these products, what did you think of them, or if you haven't would you want to try any of them ?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Small Book Haul

Hey everyone today i have a book haul for you but before we get to the books i wanted to tell you what i plan on doing this month(from yesterday til the 31st) since i have been sucking so badly at blogging lately i plan on blogging everyday this month about just anything books,makeup, clothes, music, movies and other stuff, i am really excited about this so i hope you guys like it :D, and now on to the haul (by the way if you want to check out the book on goodreads just click on the name of the book because i put a link on it.)

1. The Ghost's Child by Sonya Hartnett (i got this book at this used bookstore near me it was really cheap and sounded interesting so i got it, plus the condition is excellent, it's like i bought it brand new)

2. Things that nobody knows by William Hartston (i went to go get my uncle in Oslo a few weeks ago, and in the airport there is a bookstore and i just had to check it out i mean i can't walk past a bookstore and not peek in haha, and there were so many books that i wanted to get but i could only get one since i didn't bring a lot of money, so i got this one, i don't know why honestly but yeah i am hoping that it's good and interesting.

3. The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling (I have wanted this book since it first came out, so when i went into my local bookstore that doesn't have many English books and saw this book on sale for 89 kr (before it cost like 249 kr or more and that is too much for a book in my opinion) i literally grabbed it and didn't want to let go, i couldn't believe what i saw honestly i had to look at the price 10 times to be sure.

So that is it for this little book haul, Have you read any of these books, if so what did you think of it and if not do you plan on reading any of them ?.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

L'Occitane en Provence

Last year when my mom went to Croatia she bought me this cute little bag with L'occitane products inside, and i thought of doing a review since i loved them so much (before this i had only tried hand, foot and body creams from them which i loved), i have used a lot of it,and I've been trying to use it sparingly since i am almost out and that sucks ( don't you hate it when you get a present from someone that is something you can't get where you live, or is out of your budget and you feel like you want to use it so badly but you don't want it to run out ? haha, if that makes any sense)

1. Shampoo - I love this scent, it's seriously my favourite scent right now and my favourite shampoo, i don't have to use a lot for it to clean my hair, which i love ( usually i use a lot, but i feel like this shampoo works really well for my hair)

2. Conditioner - like the shampoo i feel like it works wonders to my hair, it feels softer and shinier, and smells amazing

3. Shower oil - The first time i used this i was weirded out since i didn't know exactly how to use it, but after using it for a while, i really like it, i think i might like it better than just shower gel's or other stuff, plus like the shampoo and the conditioner the scent is lovely

5. Ultra Rich Body Lotion - I have dry skin, and sometimes it's very dry, i feel like L'occitane body lotions work great on my skin (yes i have had others before this one, me and my mom love them), If you have dry skin i really recommend L'occitane, it works wonders on my skin.

6. Mini Hand Cream - I got this tiny hand lotion in the bag too, i have a lot of these L'Ocitane hand creams, i even have the big sized ones, like i said before i have dry skin, and this Hand cream works better than any other hand cream i have tried ( and i have tried a lot)