Sunday, 4 December 2011

Current Wishlist

i've been seeing a lot of things that i would love to have lately and i wanted to share them with you

first, i saw this bag and i thought it was really cute, and i really want it <3 , it's from Friis & Company
picture taken from:
this Zombie survival guide book, it looks like it would be a fun read
rift ( computer game)
 Playstation 3 - i've been wanting it for a while.
this cardigan/sweater from H&M
i've been really liking the new isadora collection!, i want all of it <3

that is all i can think of right now, but i would also want to add a ysl lipstick on the wishlist, becuase iðve been wanting it for a long time now, but i am not sure yet which colour,so i won't be putting it on my wishlist yet.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Haul,New Computer and favorite nailpolishes

Hey guys! :)
i have a haul for you today!, i also have another post coming up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, not sure when i will put it up, anyway il start on the haul!

also i want to say i'm sory that some of these pictures aren't the best, but i am working on it, i am saving up for a good camera ( this one is my mom's and i also took some pictures from my new computer)

first we went to H&M, and looked through some stuff that was on sale ( this was like 3 weeks ago or something) and this is what i bought from H&M

i bought these mittens, i thought they were realy cute, and they were on a sale so they didn't cost much
 and then i found this sweater , it's warm and i really like it, it cost 100 NOK
 my mom found this scarf first, and then luckily i found another one so i bought it, i really wanted a scarf like this for a long time <3, and it cost like 20 NOK ( it was on sale)
 and now my favorite <3, it's this dress, its black and gold, and it's really pretty, i am in love with it <3 plus it was 50 NOK!!!

and then we went to some other stores, and didn't find much there, so we went to Bik Bok and i found some stuff there

i bought this shirt and it was 49 NOK, it has elbow patches, i really wanted a shirt like that for a long time!
 i couldnt take a better picture sorry, but this shirt looks better when you see it in real life than on picture.
 and then i bought these red leather shorts in Bik Bok for 49 NOK also (were on sale), and this sheer button up shirt i bought in Cubus, i just really liked these two together :) .

 i bought these knee high socks in Bik Bok, i really liked the bow, plus it was on sale
and then i got a new computer!, which i am really happy about!, it's a Samsung Notebook here are the pictures
it's pink and white <3

also lately i've been into sparkly nails, and i wanted to show you my favorite nailpolishes (i use 2 , one is red and the other is sparkly)

i wasn't sure that it would look good together because one is red the other is sparkly purple, but after i was finished i fell in love with it <3 , and i will be wearing it a lot this winter! 

the nailpolishes that i am using are Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nr 90 - Brick Wall, it's a really dark red colour, the other one is essence nail art special effect topper nr 01 - it's purplicious, i also put a top coat on top and it was the Sally Hansen Hard as nails 01- invisible, it didn't chip for 4-5 days, which i thouhgt was pretty impressive
 it looks kind of crappy on this picture haha, i took like 100 pictures and this was the only one that wasn't blurry, so i just put this one, but it's much much prettier when you see it in real life, i don't really like the way it looks on this picture, i just wanted to show you how it looks
( my hands look really dry here, i haven't been using my hand creams lately haha, but after seeing this, i am definitely puttin a lot on! haha)

Saturday, 12 November 2011


- photo not mine
hey guys, i was eating a pomegranate earlier and while i was eating it, i was wondering what are the health benefits, how healthy is it and stuff like that, so i looked it up and i wanted to share it with you guys! :)

helps the symptoms of and possibly the development of arthritis
is proven to boost fertility, increase your immunity against diseases like swine flu, and prevent many types of cancer

also it says that the fruit and juice is recognized to be the key to preventing the horrible terminal diseases that have yet to be eliminated, like leukemia,breast cancer and prostate cancer

- the fruit and juice are bursting with the most powerful antioxidants of any fruit or juice
- the fruit and juice can lower your high blood pressure and cholesterol levels
- this fruit is safe and healthy for your heart
- the fruit and its juice may prevent a stroke
- it helps with alzheimers or something ( on the site it says - it shines light into the darkness of Alzheimer's disease
- it's natural sugars could also be something sweet and safe for diabetics
- it may help in the with hot flashes, menopause and bone loss
- the juice is even important for strong teeth

they are one of the only fruits that may keep your skin looking young and wrinkle free if you eat the regularly!

most facts i found on

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The EMA's

Hey guys!
So the other day were the MTV EMA‘S and i was watching it and i wanted to make a post about it, which were my favorite performances,which Selena Gomez outfits were my favorite, and which red carpet look i loved and which i didn‘t and stuff like that , so i will start

 On the pink carpet
I really liked Selena‘s first dress by Marcesa, i didn‘t like it at first sight but after i saw it more i loved it!,
I also really liked Jessie J‘s whole Pink Carpet look, the dress! (it was by Dolce&Gabbana) , the hair and the makeup!, she looked amazing!.

 One thing that i thought was weird was seing David Hasselhoff there haha! , i didn‘t know he was still doing stuff.

I also thought that Bruno Mars and the gang were so cute on the Pink carpet in those pink suits! Haha, i‘ve also never seen it before but Bruno Mars is really cute! Haha

The weirdest outfit on the Pink Carpet was definitely the Jeremy Scott‘s Gold outfit!, omg i laughed out loud!, it was just so weird!, when my mom saw it, she laughed too

I also really loved Selena‘s second outfit!
Before the ema‘s i have had never head the song from lmfao, i first heard it on the ema‘s, and i gotta say i really love it!, and the performance was awesome!, i really liked it!

One thing that annoyed me was the commercials!, they were too often and too long, it was like the commercials were longer than the show!

I really liked that 4th dress that Selena wore also, it was really cute!
And lol at gaga‘s outfit!, but i gotta say i was expecting something crazier! Haha

The Bruno mars – marry you performance was also awesome! I really liked  it, and i love that song!

I also really loved the Jessie J – Price tag performance, but i did‘t really like that jumpsuit that she was wearing at the performance

That golfing outfit that Selena wore was really cute!

Also this dress

I really loved Selena‘s performance outfit!

And what she wore after it ( yellow shirt glittery pants)
And that streaking thing was hilarious!, my mom was brushing our dogs hair(lol), and when she looked up, she was like oh my god! Haha! 

I really liked that Amy Winehouse tribute part <3

I thought it was pretty funny that Big Bang won , because i used to love them, i was a big fan but not anymore, so it was weird to see them up there, if this would have happened a few months ago i would have screamed in happiness haha!

i really loved the Queen performances with adam lambert 

i don't really know who Irina Shayk is lol but i loved the dress that she wore!
 i really hated Katy Perry EMA's look:

Saturday, 5 November 2011

back! + Question and a Haul

Hey guys!, i took a little break from blogging because i wasn't really into it after a while and i thought that the challenge would make me love it again but no :/, and then i thought it would be better for me to take a break and now i am totally back into blogging!, i realized recently that i forgot to write a blog post telling you guys that i was taking a break and i am sorry for that, but now i am back! and i have a haul! :D and a question haha

First will be the question:
i am trying to find a name for my blog and i haven't found anything!, i am not that creative in finding cool names haha, so i wanted to ask you guys to help me find a name, write it in the comments, then i will pick my favorites put up a poll, and the ones with the most votes wins! ( except if i like one name so much that i just have to have it as the blog name haha)

Ok, so the haul:

first i bought these two hats that i really love! <3
the first one i bought in H&M, it was on sale, it's orange and it looks like this:
the second one i don't know the name of the store where i bought it in, it's not a store that i usually go in. i really like this hat i think it looks really cute!
and then i bought this dress from H&M ( i bought it online) (note: i didn't buy all of these things at the same time),
picture taken off H&M
in case you like this dress the link to it is: ( btw it's in Norwegian, you have to change it to the country you live in, it may not be available in your country)

i really like wearing this dress with my brown leather jacket ( it was my sisters, but she gave it to me, i was really happy about that because i always loved that jacket!, she used to let me borrow it and now she gave it to me <3 )
and then i bought this sweater from H&M, i thought it was kind of cute, plus it was on sale so i bought it!, plus i don't have anything like it

 there was this sale in this great shoe store here in Norway called Euro Sko ( the sale was 3 for 2, you pick any three shoes in the stores and you only pay for 2) and i bought these leather boots from the brand Roots ( my mom and sister bought shoes also so we got the 3 for 2 sale)

they are like orange brownish, i really like them, plus they will be really good for the winter!
i bought these three nailpolishes
Dior: Bronze Libertine ( it is so freaking gorgeous! <3
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Invisible ( it's such a good top coat!)
H&M nailpolish: Going to the Opera ( this red colour is so pretty!)
go to THIS SITE and you will be able to see the dior bronze libertine nail polish more closely
i also bought this lip balm from H&M:

 (sorry for the crappy picture, i took like 100 pictures of this ring and it always came out blurry so i gave up haha) this ring i bought in Bik Bok, i really like it it's really pretty
 it looks like this on the side ( i really like the pattern it's really pretty!)
 i also bought this necklace in H&M( haha i tried to turn it into a heart, but as you can see it failed hihi)
and then i bought these shorts long time ago i just forgot to post it ( i bought it after i came from Croatia)
they were on sale in Cubus
i took this picture on cameroid, because the camera in my computer doesn't have a timer)
 i also forgot to post this one, my mom bought it for me long time ago she made me clean my room and said that there was a surprise for me after i was done, and i was so happy when i saw this! <3 the boxes are so pretty!. i love my mom <3
 it's like this on the side ( the eiffel tower is on this side, if you can see it there)
haha i needed a trash can and i found this one haha , there were no others and i thought this one was cute
ok, so my mom went to Croatia for a week, she had to do something, and she asked me if i wanted anything, so i asked for a book and a Croatian/Serbian magazine to read ( i asked for the fourth book from the Vampire Academy in English because i already owned the first three),her battery died while i was explaining and she bought me 1-4 VA books IN Croatian haha!, i don't really mind it will be great to read them also in Croatian!, also i love her for buying me more than one book <3
 here are the books in English and Croatian haha!
i asked her to buy me one magazine in Croatian/Serbian and she brings me these <3
it's a Serbian Elle, Cosmopolitan,Grazia,JOY,HELLO! and Croatian Gloria, i canðt wait to start reading these!
 i went through my old magazines and i found these posters and i just had to hand them up ( i especially love the Ian Somerhalder on the beach poster! *-*)i got three of these in a Norwegian magazine called topp and two from Croatian magazines called OK! and teen( the Ian poster is from teen)
i made a post once about a giveaway for a ri2k phone case and i forgot to tell you all that i won it!! i won the yellow one and i am in love with it!
 i thought it would look weird with my purple phone, but no it didn't, i actually like it!