Friday, 25 October 2013

Skin: Night time routine

First i take off my eye makeup with this Declaré eye contour bi-phase sensitive eye makeup remover for all skin types (and i only use this if i have makeup on) This eye makeup remover has been my favorite for a while it takes off my makeup very easily and doesn't leave anything out ( sometimes when i use other makeup removers i wake up with racoon eyes because it didn't get all of it off, and this eye makeup remover get's all of it).

Then i use my Garnier Pure Active Blackheads uprooting scrub which i commented on in my morning routine (saying that i loved it and a review is coming soon).

And next i use my Tea Tree face mask which i love, it's my favorite facemask so far (sometimes i change this mask and toner with the morning routine ones to just change it up a bit). I put it on my face, wait for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with cold or warm water. After i started using it i can definitely say that i noticed a very good difference in my skin.

After that i use my Tea Tree skin clearing toner (suitable for blemished skin). I love the tea tree stuff from the body shop, i think it smells so good, and this toner works so well for my skin sometimes when i break out this toner helps a lot.

Lastly i use this Ahava time to Hydrate Night Replenisher normal to dry skin, i actually stole this one from my mom (oopsie haha), and at first when i tried it i hated the scent i thought it was too much and over powering, but since i didn't have any night time creams i kept on using it and after a while i got used to the scent and now i don't mind it, i actually like it now, i would definitely repurchase this face cream (i also love the Nivea night time face cream, but i don't remember the name of it now :/).

Have you tried any of these products, if yes did you like them ?, if no would you want to try any of them ?.


  1. Lovely routine! I want that garnier face wash x

    1. thank you!, yeah it's really good, but if your skin is sensitive or too sensitive then maybe it's not the best for your skin, because i feel like the tiny beads can be too rough but i like that for myself i feel like it really cleans my skin.