Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hi, i wanted to do a quick review on  Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
I saw an ad on this gel eyeliner in a magazine and i really wanted it but i wasn't sure if it was sold here in Norway where i live, so i was really happy when i went to the drug store and saw that it was there ( plus it was 25% off all the maybelline makeup so i had to buy the eyeliner i didn't want to miss this!)

okay so here is my review:  it goes on really smoothly, it's nicely pigmented and it stays on for a very long time i went out the other day and i put on my makeup in the morning and got back home like 8-9 hours later and the eyeliner looked the same as it was when i put it on in the morning it didn't smudge or crease (most of the eyeliners that i have had in the past creased).

I also love the free brush that comes with it.
I seriously love this eyeliner and i recommend it to anyone who wants a great gel eyeliner!

if any of you who are reading have tried this gel eyeliner what did you think of it ? did it work well for you ?

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