Friday, 13 May 2011


Hi my name is Nevena but you all can call me Nena (i prefer to be called Nena). I am an 18 year old girl from Croatia but i just moved to Norway from Iceland i speak Croatian,English,Icelandic and i am currently learning Norwegian and Spanish, (but if i am allowed to choose again i will maybe rather choose French i am not sure), anyway i am going to be talking about clothes, makeup, books and all kinds of things and i will be doing Outfit of the day ( not everyday just when i am actually going somewhere) and Hauls and a lot of other things that i like :)

This is me and my Dog Iza( she is half Icelandic sheep dog and half something else i am not sure) ( i also have another dog named Fido he is a Beagle)


  1. Love your outfit! and your so pretty!

    All those clothes you picked out! I want now! lol

  2. @Catalina thank you so much!