Sunday, 22 September 2013

Favorite Perfumes

First of all i would like to say that i can't explain scents at all, so this won't be that kind of a review where i explain to you how the scent smells like, because i honestly can't even try to explain it haha.

Escada - Cherry in the air
I bought this perfume this year, i went to this little shop in a town near me that has a lot of great sales on perfumes, it's where i got all of my perfumes, and i have been meaning to check this one out, and the second i smelt (smelt is right, right ?) it, i just fell in love with this scent, it has a very nice and fruity smell, which i really like, but not everyone likes it, my sister said that she felt like throwing up every time she borrowed my clothes because this scent was on them haha, it might be too sweet for some people.

Lolita Lempicka
This has been my favorite perfumes in years, ever since my sister had it, i kept stealing it from her and recently i got my own, even though it was a wee bit expensive i didn't care it was worth it, i will definitely be buying this perfume again when i run out of this one, it's not too strong and not too light, it's just right ( did that just rhyme ? lol)

Diesel - Fuel for life
Every single time i wear my leather jacket i use this scent, i just love it like that, it also makes me feel like a bad ass i know that sounds silly but it does haha, i have so little left of this perfume as you can see in the photo and i am so sad about it, i will definitely be purchasing this scent again.

Marc Jacobs - Daisy
This scent is my favorite for fall, i have wanted this perfume in so long and then i found this limited edition one of the scent on half off and i was ecstatic when i saw it, i just grabbed it without a second thought and i wear it every fall, but be careful, don't put too much of it or it will give you a big headache, i feel like if you put just little on your neck and wrist, it's enough, but if you spray all over your clothes it will be really overwhelming.

Moschino - Hippy Fizz
I am on my second bottle of this perfume, i remember a few years ago my dad bought this scent for me, and i wore it every single day in the summer, and i was so sad when i finished it, and last summer i got myself a new one, and it's still one of my favorite scents for summer.

What is/are your favorite Perfume/Perfumes ?, 

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