Monday, 25 February 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (1) (February 26th)

Hi, everyone, i was watching video blogs from SweetBookReviews and she did these Top Ten Tuesdays things that was made by The Broke And The Bookish . Every Tuesday there is a top ten something, like top ten authors or top ten books, and every week there is a different topic, and everyone chooses their top ten ( and if you don't have a top ten you can pic top 5 or any number).

i really liked this and i wanted to do it. This Tuesdays top ten is: Top Ten Authors That I'd Put On My Auto-Buy List (basically an auto-buy list is no questions love this author so much that no matter what they wrote next you'd buy regardless of genre or subject matter)

btw, i just realized that all my favorite authors on this list are women lol, i didn't realize that before ( but that doesn't mean that i don't read and love male authors, i love James Patterson, Neal Shusterman, J.R.R Martin and many many more.)

Richelle Mead Author of The Vampire Academy series, Georgina Kincaid series, Dark Swan Series, and the newly Bloodlines series


The Vampire Academy series are my favorite series ever, i fell in love with Rose, Dimitri, Adrian and just everything in the books, i will definitely read more of what she writes no matter what genre

Simone Elkeles Author of Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction, Chain Reaction, How to ruin a summer vacation, how to ruin my teenage life, how to ruin my boyfriends reputation, Leaving Paradise, and Return to Paradise ( and i love each book)


i already read all of her books, and i love them so much, they are so freaking good and addicting

Cassandra Clare Author of The Mortal Instruments series, The Infernal Devices series


Love The Mortal instruments series ( not my nr. 1 favorite series but i love it) but i haven't read the infernal devices series yet, i have them but i haven't started reading yet.

Stephanie Perkins author of Anna and the french kiss and Lola and the Boy next door and the next book that is coming out this year Isla and the happily ever after


i fell in love with Anna and the french kiss also Lola and the boy next door oh my god those books are so good!, i will definitely be reading more from her!, no matter what genre

J.R. Ward author of Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Fallen Angels


love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, i haven't finished yet, but the ones that I've read i love very much.

Sherrilyn Kenyon author of The Dark-Hunter, Were-Hunter, and Dream-Hunter series


The dark hunter series are ah-mazing, one of my favorites.

Sophie Kinsella author of the Shopaholic series and, Can you keep a secret?, The Undomestic goddess, Remember me?, Twenties girl, and I've got your number


i love every single book from Sophie Kinsella, they are so fun and light and just wow.

Suzanne Collins author of the Hunger Games


I loved loved loved the hunger games series, and i will definitely be checking out more books from her in the future!

Veronica Roth author of The Divergent series


 I love the Divergent series, it is just amazing.

Lauren Oliver author of the Delirium series


Delirium isn't my favorite series, but i do love the first book ( haven't read the second one yet, waiting for the third one to come out so that i can continue after the second is done so that i don't have to wait haha.)  


  1. Great selection! You chose two of my all time favorites, Mead and Elkeles (who has a new series coming out some time this year according to Goodreads!) New GFC follower here. This is me,

    1. Thank you <3, yeah i heard about that and i can't wait for it to come out!

      thank you for following, i will definitely follow back :)