Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (1)

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

My Pick of this week is:

Book Title: Isla and the Happily ever after
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Expected publication date: September 17th 2013 ( arghh, i can't wait to read it!).

There is no book cover yet, so i just put a picture of Stephanie Perkins.

Summary: Falling in love in the world’s most romantic city is easy for hopeless dreamer Isla and introspective artist Josh. But as they begin their senior year at the School of America in Paris, Isla and Josh are quickly forced to deal with the heartbreaking reality that happily-ever-afters aren’t always forever. Their romantic journey is skillfully intertwined with those of belove.

Words can not explain how excited i am for this book to come out!, i loved both Anna and the french kiss and Lola and the boy next door so much, i just can't explain how much i loved them and i can't wait for this book to come out i just want to jump up and down haha ( I'm weird yes), i will probably faint when i get to read it ( probably not, but still, haha).


  1. Welcome to the WoW meme! :D Hope your enjoying it so far. I've heard a lot about this book but haven't gotten the chance to try it myself. D: I'll have to remedy that soon. xD

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    Would appreciate it if you could return the favor. :)
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    1. thank you!( haha at first i thought you meant World of Warcraft, i was like whaat i haven't played that game in a while! haha) i am actually enjoying it, i already know which book to choose for next week! haha.

      you should totally read these, they are really good ( even if you aren't into these kind of books many have said that they loved Anna and the french kiss)

      thank you very much for following
      and ofcourse i will :)

  2. New follower! I just recently read Anna and the French Kiss. It was cute. Haven't read Lola and the Boy Next Door yet though. Good pick!

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    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    1. hi , thank you for following me, Lola and the boy next door is also very good ( but i like anna a bit more) thanks :)

  3. I hadn't heard of this one yet! I actually haven't read the first two!

    1. you should definitely read it!, it's so good! <3

  4. I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for Isla to come out. I'm so excited for it!