Monday, 13 May 2013

Croatia in April 2013

We rented this cute Volkswagen car, i am not sure what type it is i think it's something like up!, it's a really nice car and it's fast like a bullet haha, plus it's so adorable

This is the Arena in Pula which i love, during the summer there is a movie festival held inside and sometimes concerts, i have been there twice i think and it's so great ( but one tip, if you do go make sure to bring a seat cushion, trust me) 

This is an entrance to the old part of Pula, my favorite pizza place is in there and my favorite bookshop of all time Algoritam, it has so many English books and i stayed there for like 2 hours checking out books, and i would have stayed longer if my mom hadn't come for me haha.

This is a pizza from the pizza place, i ordered a Mexican one, it's spicy but not like oh my god spicy haha, and my mom got a delicious one too, the pizzas there are really thin and that is what i love about this place, i hate when the bottom of the pizza is too thick.

A sunset on the pier in Medulin, it's much prettier in person, i am just a bad photographer haha

and we had some cocktails in Volda, (not all on the same day ofc haha), by the way all of them are soo delicious, my favorite is either cosmopolitan or sex on the beach, i am not sure yet haha,

Then we went to Zadar for three days, because i needed to get my passport and mom needed to do some other stuff which i have no idea about. I love Zadar, it's beautiful and i love it there, but i didn't take many photos there, just a few, in the summer when i go ( and if i go) i will take many more.

This is a flower called Neven, and my name is Nevena, my mom named me after this flower and her brother ( his name is Neven), weird yes i know haha

We went to this one restaurant which i can't remember the name of, and we went there twice, the first time i got some Spaghetti Bolognese and omg it was the most delicious spaghetti i have ever tasted haha, and the second time, i got Lasagna and some salad, the lasagna was good too, but not as good as my mothers lasagna haha.

 A photo i took of the mountains on the way back from Zadar to Pula

Smoki has been my favorite since i was very young, and i tried this chocolate covered ones, they were good, but not as good as the normal ones

 and of course i ate some Munchmallows, ugh they are still as delicious as they have always been haha


Also i had some Cheese Burek, i always have one when i go to Croatia, i can't go a trip without it haha, it's so delicious ( not always though, it's best if you come early when it's newly made, also every store makes it differently, i really hate it when there isn't much cheese on it, and this one was great.

A day after we arrived to Pula from Zadar we had some of my favorite shellfish with some white wine and ugh it was perfect 

If you are ever in Croatia and want a good beer, this one is definitely my favorite, it's the only beer i drink in Croatia, and when i am i Norway i actually miss it haha.

i bought this when i was at the post office, it was just there and when i saw it i just had to buy it, it is so pretty, also it has a little lavender bag thing inside so it smells like lavender 
but... when i got home i dropped it and it broke :C, ughhh, i was so pissed off, and i couldn't throw it away, so i left it in my closet in the apartment haha, i just couldn't throw it away.

haha, i got some new sunglasses and a haircut so i took a lot of pictures of me, i really love these sunglasses.

So, that is most of it, there are some other pictures in the last post that i made, but it was in a fail collage that i made haha. anyway, i will make a new post soon, and it will be a book haul, i bought like 12 books in Croatia and some more when i got back. I want to apologise for the hiatus, i was just really busy, I promise to blog more after this.

If you want me to do a kind of a guide of Croatia like the important phrases, good places to go, i would gladly try to make it, just leave a comment below.


  1. Looks like you had a great time :)

    1. i did!, it was so much fun!, wow long time no talk!, i hope everything is going great with you and your new baby!